~ Chapter 145: School Festival (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

It was the 4th of Zor of year 3 of the Illsyorea Age, and I was sitting at my desk looking over the various expenses that were needed on the 1st of Zor, when the Magic Academy Festival took place.

The name of the Age was suggested and enforced by the Emperor Varakium Paramanium, stating that almost every powerful kingdom would reset the calendar to its birthday. The same went with the Paramanium Empire, it was already the year 6438 of the Paramanium Age and year 76450 of the Great Age. The latter was a mysterious date which was rumored to mark the beginning of civilizations on the Thorya, Allasn, and Sorone Continents. It was also a year no one with the exception of the well-taught historians knew about.

Although Savannah was very impressed by this, I felt like I wanted to bury my head in the ground like an ostrich. Who names an Era after themselves?!

At the very least I didn't need to come up with weird new names for the months and days of the year. What we used was the Paramanium ones. Although, technically speaking a day had 28 hours by my own measurements, they were actually divided into 24 cycles with 70 minutes instead of 60. The concepts of minute and second weren't used that much by regular folk. For the most part, they used the position of the sun in the sky to determine if it was time to work or go home.

This world was also definitely bigger than Earth, so it was no wonder that it had longer days, but having it divided into 24 hours made it confusing for me, who had a different sense of time.

The were four seasons too, although we barely felt the winter here on Illsyorea unless I used a bit of magic, which meant that I was closer to the tropics. The months of the year were Mezur, Mun, Hegra, Dey, Nefa, Miu, Zel, Zor, Nek, Asser, Ard, Krantugiano. Yeah, that last one was the equivalent of December on Earth. As for the days of the week, those were Meiran, Aldaran, Eikos, Dov, Nemis, Esu, and Tian. All of these were actually names of previous past heroes, or so the story went, while others believed they were just a bunch of made-up names by a drunk dwarf on top of a unicorn hamster... Yeah, I also had no comment on that one. Not even the people of Paramanium, who used them the most, didn't know what the origin of these names was, and the historians themselves stuck with the idea of heroes rather than that last one.

Then again, I myself had no idea what the origin of the week and month names of those used on Earth were either. Who bothered to learn that stuff anyway?

This being said, on the first day of Zor, for the past three years, we would gather to celebrate the opening of the Illsyorea Magic Academy with a grand festival in which the students were the main organizers. The end of the year was on the 34th day of Krantugiano, which also coincided with the Empire's Day back in Paramanium.

During the first year, they played a theatrical piece called the 'The drowned goose', which was a children's fairy tale about a goose who drowned while trying to keep its egg afloat the top of a storm cloud. The moral of the story was that you shouldn't be like the goose who thought the egg would drown if she let it be.

On the second year, they played something far more different, the story of how the great Paramanium Empire came to be. This happened because that idiot Emperor Varakium tried to lend a helping hand to Savannah's class. The poor students didn't really know what to do NOT to offend one of the most powerful humans on the Thorya Continent. I served him hot chili tea later that day as 'thanks' for turning my festival into a political battleground where the foreign parents couldn't stop praising how great his Majesty was.

Ah~, how funny it was when Emperor Varakium ran as fast as he could to the nearest chalice of water. I was the only one who laughed his ass off though, everyone else looked as pale as a ghost.

Then, on this year, things were going to change. I ordered the students and teachers to find a story to play which should be fun and entertaining for everyone not a politically correct dwarf on stick that screamed 'Eat me haggis!' like a rooster at sunrise.

And so they did... Or rather, they took my advice a bit too literally and wrote the story themselves, the story of the 'Eat me haggis!' Dwarf. I had... I had nothing to comment when I heard about it, and for some reason Emperor Varakium thought it was going be some sort of ancient lost literary masterpiece. On the other hand, I was just surprised that they knew what haggis was.

Who thought about adding sheep's heart, liver, and lungs; minced with onions, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt in an animal's stomach and then cook it in the oven? Or if you went by a Romanian traditional recipe, the drob, where instead of an animal's stomach you could use a sheet of dough and then use lamb or pig's liver, lungs, spleen, heart, and kidney instead of sheep, to which you add an assortment of herbs, boiled eggs, and bread soaked in milk. I never ate haggis, but had plenty of drob during Easter and Christmas holidays. My mother and Alina used to cook them all the time.

Of course, Tamara overheard me saying there was a recipe similar to haggis, and she didn't lose the chance to pester me with questions about the recipe. At first, I thought about not telling her a thing, but I never should have underestimated my nekatar wife's power of interrogation over me, especially when she applied it in bed. I gave up and told her everything I knew about it, and I didn't regret it at all!

That night, Tamara gave me a bunch of good reasons to try and see if I could remember other cooking recipes from Earth.

During this festival, besides the drama play and the various stalls with handmade goods by the students, the teachers were also in charge of organizing various competitions through which they would show the parents how much they improved. For some reason though, they thought that last year's events were more or less an elaborate illusion cast by Savannah.

My wives also prepared their own special little events with which their students helped them out.

Tamara had her own cooking show, in which she displayed her amazing cooking skill in collaboration with the students. It was her against the Yung Mai, and the students were their assistants, while the parents were their official taste testers. This year, I was hoping for Tamara to win, but her opponent proved to be someone difficult to defeat. This was probably the only situation in which an Over Supreme lost against someone weaker.

Then again, I always lost against Natrasku and Bachus' diapers... or a woman's glare.

Zoreya organized a drama play, but in her case it was an interpretation of how Melkuth defeated the Divine Hydra in an epic battle that lasted seven years. It was basically a glorification of how awesome that one god was, and I was 100% sure he was puffing up his chest and smirking from up there in the clouds when she enacted that battle.

Nanya was originally supposed to organize a school-wide pranking competition. Yup, that demoness didn't betray my expectations of her mischievous spirit, and I often prayed my two boys didn't pick up after her. Let daddy's genes be the dominant ones!

Since Nanya wasn't here, the students handled everything, and the class representative was the one placed in charge of making sure nothing was overboard. Of course, I also pitched in with a few rules just to make sure no one was planning to blow up the Merions in my sewers. As for adult supervision, I left the blacksmith siblings in charge.

The basic idea of this challenge was that the students designed an entire room filled with pranks. The customer would enter the room and while following certain instructions, they had to make sure not to get pranked. The winner of the competition was the one whose pranks managed to hit the most people.

As for Ayuseya's event, every year, she oversaw a debate competition. For a lot of people, this was a boring nightmare, but for the more politically inclined individuals, this was one of the most anticipated events of this festival. Since she couldn't be here this year, the Emperor of Paramanium, with a little persuasion from Savannah, offered to oversee the event.

The principal of the Magic Academy, which was me, had his own event as well. It was called the Dungeon House!

This was basically a mini-dungeon built by my students with harmless traps like wall spears with stuffing at the end and gelatin falling blocks. The purpose was for the guests to have fun trying to go through this place without using any magic just their wits and agility. The people who never had a chance to explore a real dungeon had a lot of fun going through this one.

Having a festivity during the academy's inauguration day was a common thing on all the three continents, but they weren't as elaborate and fun as Illsyorea's. I heard of this little fact first from Emperor Varakium and then it was confirmed by some of the teachers and students.

What usually happened abroad was that they would celebrate by gathering at a big table, where the teachers began to nominate their best students and then declare with pompous high praise how their Magic Academy was the best for them. All of this, of course, was in order to gather more funds, more students, and grow a sense of pride in their students.

The idea of having the students prepare the festivity, organize competitions, or make their own stall to sell their goods was unheard of before, mostly because a lot of the high and mighty nobles thought it was going to be beneath them. With my academy's 'all are equal in status' policy, the students didn't have to worry about bringing shame to their name and instead go all out and have fun with everyone else.

As one would expect, not everyone agreed with my policies, and a lot of the noble students arrived at the academy with a high and mighty attitude, but no matter how much they fussed about it, they never received the privileges they thought they were entitled to. Some of the parents were outraged because of this, but once I showed them the contract they signed when they enrolled their students here, they would usually shut up. Those who didn't were all but free to take their spoiled little brat off my island, unless of course the students were the complete opposite of their parents and wanted to continue study here while obeying my rules.

Unfortunately, every year there were always a few families who would return to their homeland with their children because they believed they weren't treated properly here. Out of all of them, usually one or two students didn't want to return and were actually having fun blending in with everyone here. In those situations, both I and the teachers here would step in to prevent the parents from making the mistake of pulling the student out of my academy.

At the end of day though, the festival was a complete success where most of the people had fun and made good memories. The first to leave the premises of the campus were the parents and guests. Then, at sunset, the students would gather around a big campfire and celebrate their success by dancing to the music played by Lumia Shora's band. A few new romances would sprout here and there, and maybe a few rivalries too.

When the music stopped playing, the students returned to their dorms under the watchful gaze of the teachers, who made sure none of the men had the good idea of sneaking inside the ladies dorm. The few who did try were stopped by a bunch of well hidden harmless traps and mobs. If they wanted to peek, they had to have the skill to reach the windows first.

On a side note, the Illsyorea Academy Festival did not mark the beginning of the school year, but rather the half of the second semester. The school year would end on the final day of Asser, which gave the foreign students plenty of time to get back home to their parents. Winter in this time and age was very dangerous on all the continents except for Illsyorea, we had good house heating. What the students learned during the year here, they could apply back home with ease. On the other hand, those who remained in the dorms were free to take up a part-time job in the town, join the winter festivities, practice their skills at their leisure in the training grounds, or expand their knowledge by reading the books in the Illsyorea Library.

Later, when the sun had set and the moons were up in the sky, the nightlife of Illsyorea began. Thanks to the illumination provided by my magic devices and the numerous powerful monster patrols at night, the citizens of Illsyorea felt protected and at ease to walk out as such late hours.

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