~ Side Story: The Drunk Ghost (Part 1) ~

[God-like's point of view]

When I decided to send ten million soul on Ex... Ah! Woops! I almost let the name of the world slip. Silly me~!

Well, no need to worry about it. You'll never guess it anyway! Hahaha!

Now then, the ten million human beings who up until recently lived on Earth, a world of science, were suddenly sent to a world of sword and magic, where everything they knew was challenged and tested at every step of their way. Their mission was a simple one when looked at it at an individual scale, but whether they could survive or not until the end of their days was really not as important as the changes they put into motion just by... existing there for even a single second.

Of what changes Alkelios and his fellow earthlings would bring to this incredible diverse world remained to be seen.

Now... what if I told you that besides this Universe of ours there were others, and in each one a story similar to ours took place?

What if I told you there was a world in another Universe out there, where Alkelios Yatagai was never born or one where he aimed to become the ultimate evil? Well, probably half of you are going to wonder what I drank, the other half will ask me for a sip, and the few who don't fit these two choice will be intrigued.

Well, this story that I'm about to tell you took place in rather peculiar circumstances... and it's just a single glimpse into a Universe so different from this one that you wouldn't be able to tell left from right the moment you took a step inside it.

This, my dear friends, is the story of a young half-dragon and a drunk ghost...

[Somewhere in another Universe, where the law was made by the gun and cowboy hats were still in fashion]

In Drakaria, the capital of the ol' wild Albeyater Kingdom, in a sun-dried bar filled with nothin' but forked tongued snakes who would rather sell their own mothers than pay the tab for their drinks, a rather strange fellow made his appearance. His clothes were black, and his cowboy hat looked as though it went on a date with a flamethrower. Not to be spittin' on the dragon's garments, but a drunk mule on a Sunday knew how to dress better.

Steppin' like he owned the place, the dragon checked the scaly bastards to his left and then those to his right. Them fellas stopped what they were doing, be it playin' cards or sharing stories of their adventures, and locked eyes on the stranger. His strange getup was what caught their attention. They couldn't tell if he was hiding diamonds under a coat of coal or was just a plain ol' rock covered in soot. What was certain though was that they all felt as though there was something wrong with him.

Not bothered by them in the slightest bit, the stranger approached the bar and sat on the empty stool farthest to the right. He tapped two times on the bar and called for a hot one.

Bayuk gave him an understanding nod and went to poor the dragon his drink. Collentra, his wife, was over by the big piano in the other corner of the room. Initially, she walked over to it with the intention of playing a tune for the boys, but now she was leaning against it and eyeing the stranger with a curious gaze. She was one pretty dragoness with a flirty gaze and shiny scales. Her frilly red dress with a generous cleavage and just enough bump around the hips earned her the attention of all the dragons in the bar every time she went to play a song. This was the plan though, give the cowboys something pretty to look to make them eager to get another drink and up their bill at the bar.

This stranger, however, didn't even so much as try to return her flirty gaze. He ignored the curious onlookers and waited for his drink with the patience of a royal Khosinni in front of a sheep.

Bayuk poured him a glass of whiskey and slid it across the table all the way to him.

The stranger grabbed it before it went past him and while tipping his hat, he said “Much obliged.”

By now, the rowdy cowboys seated at their tables would have went back to minding their own business, pouring the burning alcohol down their throat, asking Collentra to play a song for them, or setting up their game of cards.

Indeed, if one stood behind this stranger and were to look at him with a keen eye, they could see the glass of whiskey as it moved up and then the liquid pouring down the dragon's throat only for it to vanishing into thin air.

And this strange thing right here was what kept everyone in this bar from daring to utter even so much as a mouse' whisper.

As it happened, All the young and old dragons knew the tale of this gentleman who wore only black and ordered a drink for which he paid with coins as old as the good ol' Albeyater Kingdom.

Yet, within Drakaria there was one fellow who was completely unaware of his tale, and it just so happened that he was in a mood for a drink.

With a bold stride, he stepped into the bar, catching everyone's attention for the moment. He walked up to Bayuk and sat down three seats away from the eerie stranger.

Now, this fellow right here, his name was Alkelios Yatagai, a human who not that long ago managed to stir the whole capital with his declaration of love towards the beauty with red scales, Seryanna Draketerus. He was the only soul who knew nothin' of the tale of the dragon in black.

“Gimme somethin' hot enough to melt the guts, Bayuk.” Alkelios ordered as he tipped his hat towards him.

The bartender replied with a nod and went to pour him a glass of whiskey from the good batch.

In terms of looks, Alkelios was sporting a good black cowboy hat with red lining, a cloak showing the fine crest of the Draketerus house, which in this world was a pair of crossed revolvers with smoking barrels, a leather suit covered in magic enchantments, a good pair of boots with spurs made out of the best alloyed metals out there, and a pair of of guns that would make the best gunsmith shed tears of envy.

“Why is everyone here so silent? Did someone die?” the man asked when he got his drink.

With a trembling hand, Bayuk, the bartender, pointed at the stranger in black, who drank from his glass with a heavy gaze like a cowboy troubled by the upcoming winter.

“Friend, they are scared of me.” the stranger told him before he had a chance to ask.


Hearing this, the dragon curled his lips into a ghastly smirk like a fox that caught its hare.

“Have you ever heard the tale of the Unlucky Gunslinger?” he asked with his eyes on the drink in front of him.

“Don't think I have. No.” the other replied in his naivety.

When they heard the words that left his lips, everyone in the bar froze two times over. They paled and prayed in their minds for the poor lad foolish enough to ask this ghastly figure such a thing. No one there had the courage to tell him to keep his mouth shut, not even Bayuk. If he did, then the gunslinger would have drank his glass and left peacefully, but now... everyone feared for the worst.

“Well ain't that a surprise?” the dragon laughed and then gave a sign to the bartender to bring him another drink.

At this moment, there was a dragon who entered the bar, but when he saw the look on everyone's face and then the ghastly figure at the bar, he slowly stepped back and then ran away like a bandit chased by hungry sheep.

“Well, partner, let me tell ya a nice story about a very lucky gunslinger.” he smirked.

“Lucky?” Alkelios raised an eyebrow, he was already intrigued.

“Yes, Lucky. That dragon loved to drink more than the sun loved the earth, and he visited every lush-crib from here to the Seculiar Forest!” he took a big gulp from his glass and when he placed it back on the bar, he let out a heavy sigh “Hah... I miss getting drunk...” After shaking his head, the stranger continued “That dragon, ya see, was no bad egg, just had a bad hoss. Trinket was that Khosinni's name, and boy was it a wild one! Never let a dragon other than its master get on its back, and it would rather stomp even a knight under all of its six hooves than let him so much as pet him!” he laughed and then poured the whole drink down his throat.

The glass was placed on the bar with a loud thump and then eyed the bartender one more time. Bayuk felt a chill run down his spine when he met the dragon's eyes and immediately obliged to his request, sending him over another glass filled to the brim.

“There we go!” he laughed as he grabbed his drink before it slid off the bar.

“So, what happened to him?” Alkelios asked after he emptied his glass to half.

“What happened to him? Well, at that time, the dragon was called Lucky Barking Irons!”

“Barking Irons? Were his guns famous too?” Alkelios asked with a raised eyebrow as he looked at the dragon.

“Famous? Nah, they were like mine... a pair of rusted Dingos with a neck too long for their own good.” he smirked as he took out his gun and then placed it on the bar.

The gun was quite similar to an old Colt Paterson revolver, but it was slightly bigger as it shot 12.7 mm rounds instead of 9 mm ones. Unlike the fragile human hand, a dragon's was far more sturdier. 12.7 mm in this world was the 9 mm of Earth's.

“Oh? Dingos? Never saw one before. My wife has a Rollcaster Razor. That beast fires 58 mm rounds. It's a real beast with enchants that make it even more of a monster than it already is!” Alkelios laughed.

The Rollcaster Razor was in fact quite similar in looks to the Smith & Wesson XVR 460 Magnum, a powerful gun that made the Dingo on the table look like a poor joke.

“What about you? What's your barking iron?” the dragon asked.

“Mine? Well, mine's a bit different, you see. I made it myself, and it's this...” Alkelios said as he took his gun out of its holster and placed it on the table.

The weapon looked like a piece of high-tech gear ripped straight out of a Sci-Fi movie thanks to its side attachments, grip, and overall design that went for the cold and fast feel of sharp angles rather than the embrace of curvy shapes. It was black all over with stripes of red light between some of its metal pieces, giving the impression of a black cage that held a red spirit trapped inside. The barrel was about 36 cm long, from the tip to the back, 9.1 cm in height and 8.6 cm in width, it had a 58 mm caliber.

It was a real monster of a gun that looked normal in size only in the hand of a half-beast draconian, and absolutely huge in that of a human. Since it was made by Alkelios, it was certainly capable of doing more than just shooting simple bullets. That man's curiosity and playfulness with tech wouldn't have let him make his own barking iron so simple.

“Impressive...” the dragon looked at the gun, but that was all he could say.

There was no way for this stranger to know just how powerful the weapon actually was. The few dragons who witnessed it in last week's gunslinger duel still remembered how it blew away both the dragon and the outer wall behind him, the blast shredded them as if they were made out of toilet paper.

The guards and locals were more worried afterwards about plugging the hole in the protective wall than the dragon who got torn to pieces. And that shot wasn't even the most powerful one yet.

“Yeah, I know.” Alkelios smiled foolishly and then holstered his gun.

“Well, continuing from where I left off, Lucky Barking Irons had another habit alongside that of drinking the bar dry, or better said it was the passion for challenging at anything anyone who crossed his path. One day, however, he dared to challenge the Devil.” he said and then took another drink.

“The Devil? Was he a famous gunslinger too?” Alkelios asked.

“No, partner, he was the literal Devil, The beast of the Ten Unholy Heavens, the wanderer of misfortune, the hunter of souls. It was THAT Devil.”

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I have yet to finish the first sentence after it transitions to the “another universe” part, and I am already rubbing my forehead and thinking to myself “what the hell am I in for”.


Seriously? Guns and Dragon?