~ Side Story: The Drunk Ghost (Part 2) ~

“Oh. So, what happened then?”

“The Devil made a deal with him over his soul. If Lucky Barking Irons won the challenge, then the Devil would grant any wish he desired. However, if he were to lose, then his soul would wonder the world for eternity, harvesting souls for him by offering nearly unwinnable challenges, the type from which the other party could not back away.” as he said this, he looked into Alkelios' eyes and his figure turned more transparent, while his face appeared to be going through an accelerated rotting process until only the bare white bones underneath his skin remained.

With glowing blue eyes, the dragon then asked him “Who do you think won?”

Alkelios wasn't smiling anymore. He was looking at him with serious eyes because now it was clear to him that this entity before him was none other than Lucky Barking Irons or the Unlucky Gunslinger as others called him.

“I guess he didn't win the challenge.” he replied.

“Yes, he didn't.” Lucky shook his head.

“So, what now? Are you going to challenge me too?” asked Alkelios.

“I'm afraid so, partner. You seem like a good fellow, and I'm no bad egg myself. This here curse of mine is tied up in strings pulled by forces far beyond our mere mortal comprehension.” he let out a heavy sigh and then looked at Bayuk. “Bar dog, hit us with another. The boy'll need his last drink.”

With a trembling nod, the dragon listened to the order, but Alkelios' eyes were not those of a man ready to jump in a hole six feet under.

“What if I win the challenge?” he asked.

Lucky was used to dragons who claimed to stand a chance of winning, but he knew that this was short to impossible.

“You can't win it.” he started off “But if by some miracle you do, then you get to keep walking like nothin' happened, and I get to rest my bones in that empty coffin I got for my birthday a while back.” he smirked.

“I see. Very well, then.” Alkelios nodded and caught his drink when Bayuk slid it across the bar to him. “Let us toast to my victory then.” he raised his glass up high.

“You mean eternal damnation, right?” the dragon clinked his drink and smirked.

With one breath, Alkelios drank the whiskey dry and then got up from his seat.

“What shall be the challenge?” he asked.

After Lucky finished his drink, he replied in a calm tone of voice “You will kiss the first Breakthrough-er to enter this bar in the next ten minutes, and he or she will like it.” he smirked.

Under normal circumstances, this was indeed not only a foolish challenge to accept, but an impossible one at that too. No one in their right mind would accept it. After all, the chances of a Breakthrough-er entering the bar at this exact moment and time was ridiculous, and to have them like it as well was near impossible too.

Well, that was if you weren't someone like Alkelios... some with a maxed out Luck.

“Challenge accepted! I wish by the power in this entire Universe that this Breakthrough-er will come here and let me kiss her delicious lips!” Alkelios declared with a big grin on his lips.

“Hahaha! What a foolish thing to wish for, boy! The sky will turn green before the gods answer your call!” Lucky laughed.

“Maybe.” Alkelios replied and then through his [Dragon Tamer] skill sent a location ping to the dragoness it was currently targeting.

From now on it was only a matter of luck and time. Thus, the two cowboys eyed each other like dueling gunslingers at high noon.

Tick! Tock! The clock went. The old ticker was placed on top of the piano, next to which Collentra was burning into her memory the scene of these two legendary dragons that were having a showdown like no other.

The pressure was so high, some of them dragons forgot to wet their agape mouths and let them dry from the hot air inside. No one was drinking, no one was playing cards anymore, no one even dared to get up from their seat, they all stared at those two at the bar, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

“Five minutes are up and your Breakthrough-er had yet to show up. Maybe their chicken?” Lucky smirked at Alkelios, but the man payed him no heed.

The tension continued in this bar that seemed to be ripped off from the world itself.

Tick! Tock! The clock went. The seconds slipping by like eels out of a fisherman's hands.


The town's bell's call was heard all of sudden, startling everyone. The sudden spike of adrenaline made them turn towards the door and then to Alkelios. It was as if the clock was letting everyone know that the time was up.

The tension was at an all-time high. Everyone was holding their breath, but neither Lucky nor Alkelios was making a move, yet both of them had their hands on the grip of their guns.

“Two more minutes...” whispered Lucky once the town's clock calmed down.

“Two more minutes... yes.” nodded Alkelios, who for the past minute kept sending ping after ping, and was trying his best to maintain a cool, calm, and collected appearance.

Meanwhile, his mind was in total chaos...

Oh no! Oh no! Come on! Come on! Come on! Hurry up! Hurry UP! I don't want to die! Come on! Stupid Luck! WHERE IS SHE?! I wish she will get here quickly! I wish she will move her tail to get here faster! Come on! Was what the stoic-looking half-dragon was thinking about.

It wasn't even a moment later when the doors of the bar were blown off by a powerful kick.

“WOULD YOU STOP WITH THOSE ANNOYING PINGS!!! I CAN'T EVEN HEAR MY OWN DAMN THOUGHTS BECAUSE OF THEM! THE ONLY THING THEY ARE GOOD FOR IS HELPING MY BRAIN COMMIT SUICIDE!” shouted a silver-scaled dragoness at the top of her lungs as soon as she stepped into the bar.

“YES!” shouted Alkelios and then in the blink of an eye was in front of Kataryna.

Without reserve, he stole her lips in a deep kiss that made her bend back at her waist.

“Well I'd be a sheep's lunch on a wolf's holiday, but that boy can sure kiss a lady!” said Lucky, who too was surprised by Alkelios' sudden moves.

When the two parted lips, Kataryna slumped down to the floor with mellow knees, cheeks bright red as a burning charcoal, and at a loss of words like a dragon in front of a vegetarian sheep.

“Did you enjoy that?” Alkelios asked with a big grin on his face.

“Ah... Erm... Huh? Yes...” Kataryna said.

Her brain was still trying to process everything that just happened.

“YES!” Alkelios cheered and then looking back at Lucky with a big grin on his face, he asked “So? Did I win the challenge?”

With a smile on his undead lips, as the skin on his face began to take form again, he tipped his ashen hat to Alkelios and then told him “You did well, partner... To think that a kiss from such a fine-looking dragoness would save your life and my poor soul... This...” he got off his chair and began to walk towards the exit, his body slowly starting to vanish as he did so “is a story to tell the grandkids...”

Lucky's body slowly faded away into nothingness, and by the time he reached Alkelios, he was no more. A gust of wind pushed past him and left through the door. The legend of the Unlucky Gunslinger or the story of Lucky Barking Irons ended with those last words of his.

It took a moment for everyone there to realize what just happened, but when they did, they cheered as loud as they could, tossing their hats in the air and clinking their glasses. The bar's tab was going to be full until the next day.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Alkelios looked back at Kataryna and offered her a helping hand. With a blush on her lips, she accepted and got back up on her feet. Unlike most dragonesses out there, she preferred to wear cowboy pants instead of baggy frilly dresses. On her belt, she had her trusty gun made by Alkelios, [Ledyanoy Potseluy]. The cold grip made it impossible to be held by anyone other than her.

“What just happened?” Kataryna asked as she was as confused as ever.

“Well, remember how I told you that I would ping you once my job was done? You know, to go and get Seryanna's present?” he asked.

“Yes.” she nodded “That was the deal, that's why I don't understand where the kiss suddenly came from.” she tilted her head to the left and then added “Not that it was bad... just unexpected.” she blushed and looked away.

“Well, yes... Turns out that while I stopped by the Brekkar's Bar, I happened to come across some sort of... well... Cursed Cowboy Ghost, or something like that.” he shrugged. “He challenged me to a test of Luck, and well... I won.” he showed her a wry smile.

“Who would be mad enough to challenge someone with your Luck? That's like barkin' at a knot!” she raised an eyebrow.

“I don' know.” Alkelios shrugged. “A desperate ghost maybe?”

“Whatever, let's leave this rowdy bunch and go shop for Seryanna's present.” Kataryna said shaking her head.

“Right away, milady!” he made a bow.

“Why you actin' all weird?” she asked.

“I don't know, but all of a sudden I had the feeling that I was some sort of knight.” he laughed.

“Silly lad, how can you be a knight when you have always been a gun slinging cowboy? But I got to admit, this was a rather fortunate encounter. I do believe I now like ya stealin' my lips. Do it again sometimes.” she winked and then walked out of the bar laughing.


And this was the story from a Universe unlike this one, but all you had to do was take a peek into the others to see that there were many more like this one out there. Who knows? Maybe one day, you'll get to hear another one. Or maybe, you'll understand something about this ol' fool called Alkelios Yatagai, the dragon, the human, the luckiest bastard to have ever lived! Hahahaha!

Note from the author: Thank you for reading this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and be sure to check out my other stories too!

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I hope you will enjoy it and aren't too upset with the delay. This is a very troublesome volume, as I had stated before, and there's a chance I'll be posting slower because of this. I don't want to make a mess of the timeline and plotline. 🙂

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Bob Bobfry
Bob Bobfry

I will have to read this later once the main story has a good stopping point.


As much as i was expecting something else, this wasn’t bad. Thank you for the chapter~

Ascending Flame
Ascending Flame

Hahahaha, well that was fun.

A little cringy, like looking back and going “oh god, the west really did kinda talk like that”, but it was fun.

I hope Alkelios ‘steals her lips’ some more in the coming chapters.

THANK YOU for the interesting side chapter, keeps things fresh. Hopefully, it keeps you fresh, and that you had some fun writing it too.


Well, we could change the gun with swords, and it would just enter the main story as a side story just fine. I guess DragomirCM just want to write some stuff detailing/explaining the guns armaments. And cowboy setting. 😛


I agree with Beb, this was just an unneeded and frankly unwanted side story that’s just slowing things down further when releases have already been slow. It really makes me wonder what author is thinking doing this, as taking the time to make this could’ve been better spent writing actual content for this or another story. And as Beb said, just not my cup of tea, if I wanted to read a story about gunslingers I’d read one, I didn’t come here for that and I’m sure most others didn’t either. Sorry for the harsh words and hope it doesn’t… Read more »

Bob Bobfry
Bob Bobfry

You do know sometimes people need to do some work on different things to keep themselves from burning out.

Bob Bobfry
Bob Bobfry

Also stories like this usually take a short time due to the fact that he does not have to think about their effect on future chapters, nor does he have to make sure it is in line with the previous ones. This is likely just something he had inspiration for and he let it out rather than suppress it.


Yes, I do understand and support that. To that end, I think it’d have been fine to write a side story of actual relevance such as continuing the girls’ journey to the land of the elves, or write a prologue for a new gunslinger story with a different mc if this is the thing he had inspiration for. If he’d done that I wouldn’t have complained in the slightest, my issue is this does nothing for the story (it’s fine to let us know there’s multiple universes, but no need to show us an example as it won’t have impact… Read more »


Mmm…Not my cup of tea, but thanks.