~ Chapter 107: How they looked at us (Part 1) ~

[Alkelios' point of view]

Humans and dragons were fundamentally different... when it came to their appetite. While I wasn't one to shy away from a decent meal, someone like Coshun tended to eat up to three times my fill.

Seriously now, he was eating like there was no tomorrow! The food from his plate vanished faster than the waitress could bring it. What was even more ridiculous was the fact that he finished eating before all of us did, including Ildea, who ordered a meal fit for a lady rather than an adventurer.

At least he didn't grab the mug and smashed it on the ground calling for another round.

Once we ate our fill, we left the tavern and returned to our rooms, where I looked around my stuff to find some decent gear for them.

“My friend, there's no need to bother yourself with something like this. I am fit and strong enough to go out in battle only with the shirt on my back!” Coshun bragged.

With his arms crossed at his chest and leaning with his back against the wall next to the door, Kalderan raised an eyebrow at him and scoffed “Now this explains why you are covered in scars. You are one barrel extra of recklessness, aren't you?”

“Jumping in battles you cannot win is something only fools will do!” he declared.

“Hm, so how foolish was I to challenge a Breakthrough-er to a battle when I was not even at the level of strength of a regular knight?” I asked out of curiosity.

“What? You did something as insane as that?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah.” I shrugged “She ended up becoming a good friend of mine, so all was well.”

“You were very lucky, my friend. Normally, challenging someone as mighty as that is nothing but a fool's errand, a death wish, a suicidal quest, you name it.” he declared.

“I'm probably the exception that confirms the rule.” I showed him a wry smile.

Leaving aside their comments, the only armors I had on me right now, were the mass-produced version of draconian armors given to the soldiers in the Albeyater war and several experimental armors I worked on by using the hides of various monsters from the Seculiar Forest.

Rather than making a new armor, I decided to use those.

Risha received a hide armor with several enchants that were around the Trusted Legendary rank. From my point of view, they weren't anything to gawk at, but they could keep her safe on the Dragon Continent. The bow she carried was replaced by another one of my experimental weapons. It was a folding type with a string made from enchanted spider thread. It was one of my better products since everything else was either too ridiculous or too useless.

Speaking of ranged weapons, I never did actually try to make something like a firearm. Something told me I could, but another part of me wondered how that would all fit in the whole sword and magic theme of this entire world. Then again, when I saw Kalderan brandishing his guns, I felt as though such thoughts were simply ridiculous. Maybe one day, when I had nothing to do, I was going to try to make a gun.

Ildea received a thin leather armor which was intended to be used while travelling through town rather than being used in combat. It was a combat dress enchanted to survive Seryanna's moves, and which thankfully had a size adjusting enchant. No offense, but Ildea couldn't really compare in term of body proportions to an average dragoness.

As a weapon, she received one of the mass-produced swords for the Albeyater soldiers. I didn't really think she would be able to properly use something of a higher quality, but hey, if I was proven wrong on this journey, I wouldn't mind swapping it with something else.

When it came to Kalderan's turn, I gave him a hide armor similar to Risha's, but this one was focused more on strengthening his agility and speed. He was a range shooter, so being fast and agile was the best for him. Unfortunately, I couldn't give him any other weapon except for a Legendary Dagger that was intended for self-defense. His belt also had a bunch of crystals that could store Magic Energy for a later use.

For Tamara, I couldn't go with anything else other than enchanted normal clothes. The little rascal didn't sit still to change into a regular armor. Even when both Risha and Ildea ganged up on her to make her change, she managed to slip away. For her, this turned into a game of chase.

I couldn't leave her without weapons, so I gave her a dagger similar to Kalderan's, but it was of a lower rank, it was a mere Beginner Legendary. No offense to Ildea, who received something weaker, but I wanted Tamara to have an extra chance at defeating her enemy even if she didn't know how to properly use it.

The last one to stand before me to receive an armor was Coshun. I couldn't give him something like a standard soldier armor, so I looked through my experimental plate armors and found one that was at Trusted Legendary rank. It enhanced the user's magic attacks as well, but its main usage was in a battle of strength and endurance. Basically, it was a vanguard armor. As a weapon, I gave him a Beginner Legendary two-handed sword with some decent enchants on it. This too was one of my experimental weapons, that was why it looked a bit... unique. It resembled a katana a lot more than it did other weapons, but the tip had a two shark teeth protrusions on the flat side.

“They aren't much, but I hope you will use them well. If I find you misusing them, I'll take them back!” I warned them.

With the exception of Kalderan, who was clenching his fists and shaking for some reason, everyone else was quite impressed with their new upgrades, especially Coshun, who was admiring his new sword like it was something special. Honestly speaking, it didn't even matter if they lost or destroyed them. These were all just things that I made when I was experimenting with my crafting skills back when I was in the Seculiar Forest. If given the chance, I could make something far better without changing the rank. No doubt there were other blacksmiths out there who could reproduce or even improve their designs.

Maybe the dwarfs have someone special like that? I wouldn't be surprised if they had a smith that could create Godlike stuff with ease. I thought.

“Alkelios... let me get this straight. Are you telling me that all of these things you gave us are either at Master or Legendary rank?” Kalderan asked with a twitch in his right eye.

“Erm, yes? I'm sorry, but I can't give you any of the Godlike ones. They are a bit too powerful, but these are just right to take a stroll through the Seculiar Forest.” I replied with a smile.

When they heard me, they all looked at me with mouths agape.

“Alkelios.” Kalderan narrowed his eyes at me.


“Are you an idiot? Even a Trust Master Rank weapon or armor can be considered a great treasure in this country, and you just gave us Legendary stuff. What are we supposed to kill with these things? Demon Kings?” he retorted.

“Huh? No, for Demon King you would use a Godlike, isn't it obvious?” I replied.

“Mother of all...” Kalderan said and face-palmed himself.

“I don't think our friend here understands just how much of a treasure he gave us... Even for Albeyater these should be considered impressive.” Coshun said.

“How are these things impressive? At most, they are just average from my point of view.” I retorted.

For some reason, I felt as though he just insulted my crafting skills.

“Your point of view is the problem! It's messed up!” retorted Kalderan.

“Alkelios, we aren't ungrateful you gave us these gifts, we're just... a bit shocked.” Ildea told me.

“Does my father know of your skill?” asked Coshun.

“Of course. I made a bunch of armors and swords for the soldiers in the last war.” I told him.

“I see.” he looked down at his sword for a moment and then back at me “You said this before, but... what war are you talking about?” he asked.

“The civil war between his Majesty's army and the rebels under the command of Draejan Andrakaryus Doesya.” I told him.

Coshun furrowed his brow.

“That whelp raised his sword against his own kind? Why?” he asked.

“Because he wanted to rule the lands. I'll let your father tell you more about it, right now, there's some info that's a bit sensitive to share, you see.” I showed him a wry smile.

“I understand. This was enough, thank you.” he bowed his head.

“Well, now that we are properly equipped with overpowered items, shall we go for a stroll through the town?” Ildea asked with a smile.

“Sure, why not?” Kalderan let out a sigh.

“Tamara wants fishy fish! A barrel of fish! No, two barrels! No, an entire fish market!” she declared with a bit of drool flowing down from the corners of her mouth.

“Is that what you want to buy or eat?” I asked raising an eyebrow at the nekatar.

“To eat! Tamara definitely has extra stomach just for fish!” she declared with absolute certainty in her sparkling eyes.

“I would say let her eat that much just to test out that theory. If she gets a stomachache, maybe she'll reconsider how much she can eat.” Kalderan said with a smirk.

“Tamara's tummy will never hurt because of fish!” she declared as she twitched her whiskers.

Now that they had their new armors equipped, our group looked like high leveled adventurers. The problem now was that I looked like the weakest out of all of them. My armor was the same one as before, and it was certainly of a worse quality than theirs.

To be fair though, I wasn't completely unaware that what I gave them could very well be considered national treasures in Ten Swords. Considering who we were escorting now, I figured that this level of protection was the least we could offer.

I may have been powerful, but I wasn't almighty. There was no way I could tell who and when someone could attack us. With this gear, they had a bit of protection even if their levels were rather low. If this was a game, then it would have been impossible for them to wear them, but in real life, the worst that could happen was that they wouldn't be able to use them at their full potential.

We started our little sightseeing tour by going around the noble area. The fancy building and relatively clean streets brought a good change, and the fact that we didn't look like poor bums also helped in keeping the guards away. The few people who stopped us to ask us one thing or another were those interested in our weapons and armors.

Most of them were looking at Coshun, they were impressed by the intimidating aura he gave off, but they weren't afraid of him. Before we left our room to go grab something to eat, I asked Coshun to put on a fake slave collar just like Tamara to keep the nosy humans away from us. They could take it off any time they wished.

Within the noble area, we saw several shops where the prices were at least double when compared to those within the commoner area. The things they sold though weren't very interesting. Out of curiosity, I wanted to enter one of them, but the big guard at the entrance stopped me from going in under the pretext of me looking like a poor commoner.

I would have wanted to retort, but I abstained. Risha, however, didn't. She asked the guard how much did he think the sword I carried was worth. The man said 10 silver coins at best, to which, she smirked and told him that it was clear now why someone who was unable to tell treasure from junk was given the role of a guard.

To add insult to injury, Coshun walked up to me and said: “Master, you shouldn't waste your time with the blind.”

His armor and weapon looked like something expensive and powerful even to a regular commoner. By saying those words, he simply implied that I was far more powerful and richer than the guard believed.

We stepped away from the store and didn't bother to enter another one, but I do remember there were other people on the street who noticed the scene. The owner would most likely hear of this incident at one point. After all, nobles loved their gossip.

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