~ Chapter 108: Orphans (Part 2) ~

The boy closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them, he got up and looked straight at me. I could see there was determination in his eyes, but at the same time worry.

Let's see what's going to happen now... I thought as I observed him.

“I didn't want to be rude... It's just that, the doctor wouldn't have even looked at me if I came as my normal self.” Amadeus told us as he grasped his shirt with his hand.

“Normal self?” Kalderan asked as he narrowed his eyes at him.

The boy nodded and then closed his eyes.

“Reveal thyself onto the world...” he chanted and then the field of Magic Energy that was covering him released him from the illusion.

Before us, the ten-years-old child was suddenly turned into a sixteen-years-old teenager with handsome features and a strong sharpness in his gaze. He was 1.64 meters tall, his hair was still black and cut short, a bit uneven along the edges, which showed that it wasn't done by someone with an experienced hand. He had a fit body, and his hands were covered in fresh calluses. The boy wasn't used with field work.

Other than his age and a few minor details here and there, Amadeus didn't change by much. The innocence he displayed a moment ago had vanished alongside that spell, and for a moment, I did feel as though I had been scammed, but I knew this wasn't the boy's intention. I could sort of guess why he chose to use this spell, especially given his current circumstances.

“I... I'm sorry I deceived you all.” he said and looked away, showing that he was ashamed to have tricked the people who wished to lend him a helping hand.

“There's no need to worry about it.” Ildea told him.

“It was just... a bit unexpected.” said Risha with an awkward smile.

“Nya... Boy turned big... Boy eat more fish than I do? Where boy get fish? That much fish? Nya... Tamara's head is dizzy...” the nekatar complained as she flattened her ears and rubbed her eyes.

“Did you think that the doctor wouldn't have helped you if you didn't show the innocence of a child?” I asked him right away.

The boy looked down, avoiding my gaze.

“Sigh... It doesn't really matter for us, you know?” I told him and then shrugged.

“Nya~ Master is kind!” Tamara said with a bright smile and twitching whiskers.

What I said was the truth, whether or not this boy was actually teenager or just a child of only ten-years-old, it didn't really matter to me. I was here now, and I didn't see him trying to trick us with a hidden evil intention. Seeing his little sister in this weakened and sickly state, I could understand that he was afraid he was going to lose her.

For him, it didn't matter what he had to do as long as he could save her, as long as he could gift her with another day to live.

“So, do you know why you are sick, Drumora?” I asked the little girl as I walked past Amadeus and knelt next to her.

“We don't know. She fell ill on the way here, and the previous doctor who saw her said it was only a minor cold, but she got weaker and weaker until she couldn't even get out of bed.” the boy answered instead of her, his gaze beaming into the ground and his hands tightened into fists. He was furious of his own bad luck. “And now... now she's like this... and I... I don't know what to do.” he continued as tears gathered in his eyes.

“There. There, it's going to be alright.” Risha walked up to him and gently patted him on the head “Alkelios here is definitely going to help her.”

“Really?” the boy asked as he looked up at her.

“Why are you making promises for me?” I asked her with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, you aren't?” she asked casting me a quick glance.

“I didn't say that...” I grumbled as I looked back at Drumora.

If she was a dragoness, I could have simply asked her to become my friend and then I would have looked at her status, but she wasn't. I couldn't see the status of human beings, just guess their own levels at most and that was it.

“I'm not a doctor, that's certain.” I said as I then opened my [Black Hole].

“Then...” Amadeus looked at me.

He didn't appear to be all that surprised by my skill and neither was his little sister, which made me wonder if they were used to seeing strange new abilities and spells.

“But it just so happens that I am a Godlike alchemist and craftsman in general.” I showed Drumora a quick smile.

She was looking up at me with her weakly gaze, struggling to stay awake and coughing from time to time. This little girl of only twelve years old didn't have that much longer to live, this was something even I could tell without the need of a status screen.

From within the [Black Hole] I pulled out two Cure-All potions I made back when I was in the Seculiar Forest. This thing could heal almost anything and it worked wonderfully with the Rotiqus Potion, of which I grabbed one bottle as well.

“Kalderan, can you please take this potion to Coshun and tell him to drink it? It's for his injuries, just in case there's something that we don't know about.” I handed him the potion.

“And what should I tell him if he asks what it is?” Kalderan asked raising an eyebrow at me as he took the potion from my hand.

“Cure-All Potion.” I replied.

“I see... Wait, WHAT?!” he rebuked and the potion almost slipped through his fingers, but he managed to catch it.

“What's wrong?” I asked him.

Everyone in the room was now looking at me in a strange way.

“Hey, sorry, but I don't think I have the advanced potion here... That requires a few more herbs, but if necessary, we could brew some Cure-All tea to drink. It helps a lot. Or maybe you also want a Rotiqus Potion? Dragons mostly use this thing as an energizer.” I explained.

They weren't saying anything, they were just looking at me as if they had swollen a frog.

Tilting my head to the left, I looked over at Amadeus and asked him if he has any idea. The boy simply shook his head and shrugged.

“C-Cure-All? Isn't that... Isn't that a... Legendary healing herb?” Ildea managed to ask.

“I think so, yeah. Why?” I replied scratching the back of my head as I looked at the potion in my hand.

For me it wasn't something that special, I had a like a bunch more in my storage. It was like an entire potion factory in there. If I didn't have the potion, I most certainly had all the necessary ingredients to brew it. Back when I was in the Seculiar Forest, I used to run around picking herbs and whatnot as soon as I spotted them. I would never know when I needed them, so it was better to have them now than regret it later on.

“Wait? What? There's an advanced version too?” Kalderan just now realized what I said.

“Yes.” I nodded, but I refrained from saying there were potions out there where the Cure-All was just one of their many ingredients, and in some of them, it was used more for its catalyst effects than healing properties.

“Sigh... You and your broken common sense... I'm gonna go give this to the Prince of Albeyater...” Kalderan walked outside mumbling something while looking at the potion in his hand.

If he wanted one too, I could give it to him, it wasn't that big of a deal.

“Prince of Albeyater?” Amadeus asked as he furrowed his brow at me.

“Yeah, but never mind that. Let's see... I think I have a few spells that could help Drumora here get better. I think it was [Purify], [Heal], [Area Heal], and [Restoration]. If I use [The Pope], I'll just be zapping beams out of my palms, so that's no good... Yeah, I'll go with two out of all of those for now.” I said to myself as I tried to remember what healing spells I had.

Those four should have been more than enough. The first one was good at removing curses and stuff like that, while the other three could easily heal severe and even fatal injuries. The last one was especially good for natural healing. The amount of damage these spells could heal depended on the Magic Energy I put into it.

Since I had no idea how much that meant, all I could do was moderate the flow and try to guess when too much was too much. In case of [Purify], when there was nothing to dispel or purify, my Magic Energy would feel like it was flowing unrestricted until it simply vanished into thin air. In case of [Heal] and [Restoration], the same thing would happen if there was no injury left to heal, the difference between that two situations was that in the case of the latter, there was a chance this Magic Energy would be used to continue healing as a rejuvenation process, basically keeping her at her current age, unchanged. Or at the very least, that was what I thought was happening. I didn't really get the opportunity to try it out.

There were probably better ways of measuring this and maybe even better ways of using these spells, but this was what I knew so far, and it wasn't as though there was someone within our group who excelled as a healing mage.

On this note, before I started this healing process, I decided to ask them: “So what do doctors do exactly in this world?”

“Huh? You don't know?” Ildea was the one to ask.

“Not really. I've never been sick enough to require a doctor, and if anything happened, I knew how to make myself a potion to cure whatever I had.” I replied with a shrug as I prepared to heal Drumora.

“A doctor will use his vast knowledge in medicine to find out what ails you and then prescribe a potion or send you to a mage with healing magic.” she explained.

“So... technically, I'm a doctor?” I asked pointing at myself.

“No. From the looks of it, you lack the said knowledge in medicine.” she replied shaking her head.

“Oh, bummer.” I shrugged and returned to work.

With my question answered, I looked back at Drumora and placed my hands above her. I closed my eyes and then chanted the names of the two spells I decided to use: [Purify] and [Restoration].

In the next moment, I felt as my Magic Energy washed over her body and began to little by little piece back her tissue together. The cells began to heal and return to normal functionality, her heart was speeding up, and her breath was returning to normal. All spells reacted to her body, which mean that not only she was cursed with something, but she was also suffering from a severe illness which the curse only made worse.

Even if the doctor came by, he probably wouldn't have been able to figure out what was wrong with her with just a simple check-up, someone who could take a look at her status window was required. Unfortunately, only us earthlings had the unique skill of [Hero], which allowed us to look at our own status window. There was no such spell for everyone else, and the temples could at most only guess what Power Number or Level each individual had. That was still better than nothing.

Once I felt like my Magic Energy was evaporating into thin air, I stopped the flow and opened my eyes. When thinking about it, for someone else to do what I just did, besides having healing magic, they would require to have a good feeling of the flow of Magic Energy within them and in their environment. At the beginning, I was kind of bad at this, alright... I was downright horrible, but the Seculiar Forest kind of forced me to speed up my training. It wasn't all that fun to go and take a dump only to find out that I was sitting right on top of a big giant monster.

Yeah, those were some rather awkward moments of which I was happy nobody got to find out about. It was MY embarrassing little secret.

“It should be done now, but just in case, drink these two potions as well.” I told Drumora, who was already recovering her color in her cheeks.

With a nod, she picked up to Rotiqus Potion and drank it all to the last drop. It was very good for everyone since it could help them restore their strength at a fast rate. Dragons had a lot more vitality, so when their health went down, they would require more than just one of these potions. It was maybe the downside of living in that sort of environment.

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