~ Chapter 108: Orphans (Part 3) ~

After the Rotiqus Potion, I gave her the Cure-All Potion, which had a better taste than the first one. There was a happy smile on her face after she drank it all, and she even let out a cute burp, which I found to be quite cute all in all.

As I gently patted Drumora's head, she showed me a happy smile, and I could see it with my own eyes that her color was returning to her cheeks and she was starting to feel much better. In but a few moments, she didn't look any different from a healthy twelve-years-old little girl ready to spring back into action and go have fun outside.

“So, how are you feeling?” I asked her.

“Better!” she replied with a big smile.

“Alright! I think our job is done!” I declared to the others.

When I turned around, I saw several people with mouth agape looking at me, and a cat was dancing with a spider in the corner of the room.

What's Tamara doing over there? I hope she doesn't get bitten... And is that spider... courting her or threatening her? I wondered, then when I looked back at the comedy group, I asked them “What's wrong? Why are you all staring at me like that?”

At that exact moment, Kalderan returned.

“So, Coshun is acting like a hyperactive squirrel...” he pointed at the door.

“HUO!!! TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAAAIN!!!” shouted Coshun from outside.

“Is he... alright?” I asked furrowing my brow.

“Well, yes... the potion healed him quite well but it also energized him a lot. He immediately started training like mad... as you can hear.”

“Ah, that's good... Reminds me of Brekkar.” I said.

“So... what's happening here?” he asked as he waved his hand in front of the dumbfounded-looking Ildea.

She slapped his hand away; she coughed once and then straightened up.

“It appears you were right in regard to Alkelios having a broken common sense. As for Coshun, I'll go and watch over him... and make sure he doesn't wreck the slums.” she said and then carefully made her way out.

“Drumora... are you? Are you... feeling alright?” Amadeus asked as he approached her one step at a time.

Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes to show how much his emotions overcame him. All that was happening right now was far beyond what he had expected to happen when he called us, a bunch of strangers, into his home. His little sister, which he thought was going to die, which he thought he was going to lose forever was now looking healthy and strong, probably more than she ever did before.

It brought a feeling of happiness to my heart to see these two smile so happily and embrace each other like that. They were both crying and knew that they still had a lot more time to live together on this world. To each other, they were irreplaceable family, and this was the most important thing of them all.

I took a step away from the two and moved in line with my companions. Kalderan was smiling as well, it was an emotional scene, after all.

“You are a good person, Alkelios.” Risha told me in a whisper.

“I just consider myself to be lucky enough to have the means to help those around me.” I said.

“Have you figured out why she was sick?” Kalderan asked.

“She was cursed and sick at the same time. I removed the curse with [Purify] and then healed her with my other spell. The Rotiqus Potion was used to restore her strength, and the Cure-All Potion was used to make sure that there was no disease left within her body. It was a good thing she didn't have a magical condition like the [Berserker's Burst], although for that one, it would have meant that she was of at least Level 200 at one point.” I explained.

“So besides normal medical conditions, we need to worry about magical ones too?” Kalderan asked as he furrowed his brow and looked down at the floor.

“The diseases we knew back on our world are quite easy to cure with this world's magic and potions. Here, cancer and aids have a cure, but there are some conditions which are far more dangerous than them. [Berserker's Burst] is just one of many. Some can be cured with a good potion, others through magic treatment, but I am quite certain there are some conditions out there which not even I with all of my skills and knowledge can cure.” I told him.

“I see...” Kalderan didn't say anything else after this.

We waited patiently until the siblings stopped crying from this overwhelming moment, then while wiping away his tears, Amadeus approached me and took a bow before me.

“I don't think I can ever thank you for what you did! If there's anything I can do...” he said to me.

“Well, it's not that big of a deal, besides, what I need right now might not be that easy to acquire even for me.” I said and then looked down as I remembered the Queen's condition.

I wonder what I can do about her that? Did my friends manage to get all the other ingredients required for me to make her the cure? I'm worried... What if I don't reach her in time? I don't want to lose a friend because of this... Elleyzabelle will be sad. Feryumstark will probably be devastated... I thought and for a moment there, I got lost in my sense of worry.

Amadeus picked up on this, he was a smart kid, and then with determination in his eyes, he told me “Sir, whatever it is, absurd or not, maybe... maybe I know of a way to acquire it or have heard of it. I may not look like much, but I do know a lot of things... In my travels I heard lots of tales and met many people.” he told me, although I felt as if the source of his information was something completely differently.

“Mister, thank you for healing me, and you have my word that you can trust my honored brother.” Drumara told me.

“By the way, where are your parents?” Kalderan asked all of a sudden.

“We're orphans.” she replied to him with a soft smile that hid a lot of pain behind it.

The circumstances under which the two had lost their parents was probably not the type of sensitive subject that had to be discussed right now. Kalderan took the hint from the little girl and simply apologized with a nod of his head.

“Well...” I scratched the back of my head, but I didn't know how to say it.

“Please sir... Allow me to somehow return at least the tenth part of this favor you've given me!” Amadeus told me with unwavering determination in his eyes.

“Sigh... I guess I can't ask for money from you, that would be ridiculous, so maybe... who knows? Maybe you really do know something?” I shrugged.

“Yes, sir!” he nodded and then a bright smile appeared on his face.

“I am on a quest, you see, and what I require to find in order to heal a very important individual for me is well... an Orange. You know? It's an... well... the orange fruit is the size of an apple, it has a sweet citric taste.” I told him and then tried to explain as best as I could.

Still, how could you describe a fruit that they most likely had never seen before? Oranges, after all, weren't fruits that grew naturally in the wild. They were a hybrid fruit from a pomelo and a mandarin, and as far as I knew so far only the Akutan Imperial Family knew how to make them. Maybe if I got my hands on a couple of them, I could experiment and figure out how to grow trees from its seeds, but if that was impossible, the only option was to attempt hybridization myself, but who had the time to spare for such an enormous project? The Queen's life, my friend's life was at stake here.

When I said what I was looking for, there was a certain change in Amadeus' eyes, he knew what I was talking about. He knew what an Orange was, but if he came from the Akutan Empire, it wasn't that improbable for him to know. After all, it was their national secret, one of the many things the imperial family prided itself with.

Maybe he realized how impossible it is to find that which I'm looking for? I thought and then let out a sad sigh.

I couldn't force a child like him to tell me where to find the Orange or how to break into the Imperial Palace, after all.

“Brother...” Drumora called out to him and Amadeus looked back at her.

The little girl showed him a smile and then nodded once.

Amadeus then looked back at me with the same determination as before and clenching his hands into fists, he told me “You followed me when I asked for your help although you knew nothing about me. You healed my little sister with expensive potions when you had no reason to use such treasures on us. And I promised to help you if I were to know anything about that which you are looking for.” he looked down. “Oranges... I know of them.” he said.

“Huh? What?” I said as I made my eyes as big as onions.

I was surprised... in a good way. It seemed as though my Luck wasn't maxed out for nothing.

“Please wait a moment.” the boy said and walked over to the table in the kitchen.

He stopped and looked back at us for a moment, checking his resolve, making sure if he really wanted to go through with whatever he wanted to do. Then, he turned around and knelt on the floor. With his two hands, he pulled back one of the loose planks on the floor and revealed a hidden compartment. He rummaged through its contents and when he found what he was looking for, he picked it up.

With the object in his hands, he walked back to me and then showed it to me.

It was a black box with a bunch of red symbols carved into it for decoration. It was a writing I was unfamiliar with, but which by all accounts reminded me of Earth's mandarin language. Maybe I was mistaken and they looked more similar to Korean writing? Or maybe it was Japanese? I couldn't tell, it's been so many years since I last had a good look at any of those characters.

“Here.” the boy told me.

I picked up the box and inspected it carefully on all sides before I figured out how to open it. When I did, and I saw the contents, I ended up being the one with tears in his eyes.

Inside... was an actual Orange.

“B-But how?” I asked as I looked back at the boy.

Amadeus looked back at his sister one last time and then back at me.

“Please, allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Prince Amadeus Akutan and this is my little sister Princess Drumora Akutan. We are the children of the late Fourth Princess of the Akutan Empire, her esteemed Highness Miskara Akutan and Duke Manimersa Wazui of the Akutan Empire.” he introduced himself with the tone of voice and mannerism befitting a young prince.

At this time, Kalderan had only one thing to say:

“You have got to be shitting me!”

“But I shit you not.” Amadeus replied in a serious tone of voice.

No that's... ugh... Forget it.” he groaned and shook his head.

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