~ Chapter 146: Worries in the night (Part 1) ~

[Illsyore's point of view]

The first thing I did after I heard the 'waifu alarm' was to turn it off. As much as it was useful in letting me know that one of my wives needed my help with something, there was no need to wake up the entire island with this high pitched noise.

I walked up to the control Power Crystal hidden well behind a fake wall and cut off the Magic Thread that connected it to the signal receiver, the trigger of the entire thing. The moment when I did this, everything went back to normal and only my bracelet was blinking on and off, highlighting in green light Ayuseya's name.

“This alarm... So she's not in trouble, but she does need my help with something.” I said to myself and then looked out the window.

From here all the way to the Thorya Continent was quite the distance, and while I could get there faster than a boat could by either swimming or running across the ocean, it was far too slow for my liking.

As I looked up at the sky, I remembered that experimental project I've been working on and which I was dying to try out sometime soon. This was by far the best opportunity for me to take it out of the lab and give it an actual field test.

Then it's settled! I thought with a smile.

Before that, however, I had to get back home and let my wives know what was going on. They were probably worried as well, since I was pretty sure that I installed one of these annoying buzzers there too.

I just hope I didn't woke up the kids with these... I thought and then jumped out the window.

Once I reached home, I told Tamara and Zoreya what happened and then made the necessary preparations in order to head over to Ayuseya. It was a bit too late now to go and wake up the children, I wasn't planning on being away for too long either, so I just told my wives to tell them and everyone else who was concerned that I was out on a personal business.

Technically speaking it wasn't lying, and I didn't want to worry the kids too much. Besides, there was the high possibility that they would want to come with me to visit their mothers.

My immunity to their cute begging faces was at an absolute 0! If they pulled out the puppy dog eyes trick, I would end up defenseless before them.

Well, I wasn't that much of an idiot to bring them with me in a possible danger zone. They were far safer on Illsyorea than anywhere else in the world. If I brought the kids with me to the Teslov Kingdom, I would hear no end from it from Ayuseya.

Thus, sneaking out was the way to go! Yup!

As I was just about to step out the door, Zoreya walked over to me and embraced me.

“The children will miss you, but don't worry, we'll manage things here.” she told me with a soft smile before giving me a goodbye kiss.

“I will watch over them, nya!” Tamara said with a bright smile and then asked “But are you sure you don't want to say goodbye to them too?” she tilted her head to the left.

“Yes. I don't want to worry them. Besides, with caring mothers like you two and the extra help from their nanny Savannah, I don't think I'll have anything to worry about unless we're talking about some planetary calamity!”I jokingly said.

“We also have Snuggles and countless other monsters over level 1000 and 1500 on this island. If someone can get past them, then they will most definitely be stopped by my shield!” declared Zoreya with pride in the tone of her voice.

“I can also be of help! My claws can cut through the enemy's armor with ease!” Tamara declared.

“It's good to know that I have such dependable allies. Anyway, I'm off to visit Ayuseya! Take care of the children and the island, you two!” I told them before hugging them and stealing a kiss from their lips one last time.

Once I was out of the mansion, I flew up in the air, and here, at an altitude of almost 1000 meters, I took out one of my latest projects, which could be called the epitome of technological development on this planet!

What I was talking about was nothing else but the supersonic fighter jet!

With a sleek metal body, with retractable wings that changed their shape to anything the pilot wished for, two powerful turbojet engines that ran on Magic Energy and could turn into two Scramjets, with which reaching hypersonic speeds was a breeze, this thing was a monster unlike anything the natives of this world had ever seen or heard of before!

Unfortunately, I had yet to fit it with some proper weapons, so this thing was nothing more than an over-complicated transport vehicle for me.

“Time to make the sky roar!” I said as I remembered the line from a hit song that launched in the year of my death.

[Ayuseya's point of view]

A long long time ago, the draconians were renowned as one of the most powerful and civilized species. We prospered and lived at the peak of this world until one day, our reign of supremacy was ended up by the union of the other species.

They gathered together and cast a banishment spell on our Emperor at that time, Raskarod Pleyades, a tyrant rarely mentioned in history books and which many even mistook his name as one of his former nephews. Actually even this name was riddled with suspicion.

Well, I personally thought of him as a tyrant for his lack of empathy towards other species, but the draconians saw him as a hero that was robbed from them by those far too weak and envious of them.

Many claimed that if that spell turned curse didn't doom the Pleyades family, we would still be one of the mighty rulers of the Thorya Continent. Others claimed that the draconians didn't have the courage to kill off the Pleyades or remove them from power because it had been prophesied that one day he was going to return, reincarnated as one of the young princes.

I wasn't one to believe in such nonsense, but it was enough that others did.

When I activated the alarm that my husband left me, I knew that what I was going to bring into this country was someone that was not even remotely close to what Raskarod once was... A part of me wanted to hide from Illsy what I had seen below this palace, but the other part told me that I couldn't. He would see right through me and spare no second from obliterating this entire place.

Illsy often thought of himself as difficult to anger, but in truth, one only needed to give a sign of being evil in front of him, and his sense of justice would spark up like a furious lightning storm.

Bandits, nobles, kings, Apostles, or maybe even Gods, no one was safe from his wrath once he or someone dear to him was touched by the injustice of this world.

Was it a criminal act what he did? No, to many, it was a blessing, but this in itself was a bit of weakness because if one knew how to trick the mighty Dungeon Lord into unleashing his wrath, they could make him accidentally slaughter innocents he would have otherwise never dared to touch with a flower let alone the cutting edge of his sword.

It was also because of this that I knew that he would sense the injustice I came across, the horrors below which shook my heart. That was why, in what came to be, I had to make sure that I was leading the theater. That I was the one who wrote the script and advised everyone how it was best to dance.

“He's getting close.” I thought as I felt his magic signature like a pulsing beacon that was growing stronger and stronger with each passing second.

He was approaching me at very fast speed and from the sky too. If he wanted to, he could hide himself from my gaze, but that would be against the purpose of this alarm thing he gave to me.

Quietly, I made my way outside the Pleyades Palace and in the middle of the darkness, I rushed out of the city and headed for a nearby location where we could meet and speak freely without the worry of prying eyes.

Leaving the city unnoticed was far easier than sneaking around. I just had to fly high enough and then I was free to go wherever I wished. Drakaros wasn't a city that well defended, after all, especially not against Over Supremes like those in my family.

Once I reached what seemed to be a good little spot far enough from the capital, I released a bit of my Magic Energy to let Illsy know of my current location. If needed be, he had more than one way of tracking me down. He could use his Dungeon Search through his expanded Dungeon Territory and there was also this alarm trigger in my hand, which certainly had some way of telling him where it was.

Illsy always said there were far better ways of pinpointing someone's location on the planet, but making a device he called a Geographical Positioning Satellite wasn't something he knew how to do just yet.

With his accelerated thinking, chances were it wouldn't take long before he would know the pieces of puzzle he was missing for creating it. All of these new things he brought into making were mostly inventions inspired from the things created by the humans on his previous world, Earth.

That place was truly fascinating, but it was too bad I was never going to have the opportunity to visit it one day.

Then, while I was lost in thought, I noticed something up in the sky. It was a metal arrow that moved unbelievably fast, cutting through the clouds like a weapon of the gods. A powerful fire magic pushed it forward with a fury that could not be stopped either by mountains or the far span of the oceans.

As it crossed over my head, I heard no sound at first, but then, the roar of the beast washed over this entire forest. It came like a shock wave, the sound was piercing to the ears and it was unlike anything I had ever heard of before. It called out with the fury of a million explosions.

I couldn't even tell what exactly made it, but I could feel that the one who was riding this monster was not a foe to me. I didn't feel any killing intent coming from this arrow of metal as it flew all the way towards Drakaros, where it turned around in a wide circle.

It was only then when I could guess the ridiculous speed it was traveling at. This bird of metal was flying several times faster than the speed of sound, and its piercing roar woke up everyone in the city. The torches of the people were lit and the swords unsheathed, although, most of them were scared witless in front of this beast they could not even properly see, let alone reach.

Or at least, that was what I was presuming was happening over there, my focus wasn't on the city but on the flying bird in the sky as it turned around and rushed back towards me.

I could feel the pressure of its might, the power it reverberated through its roar, but I stood still and watched with my heart beating fast in my chest as it drew closer to me.

Upon reaching the edge of this forest, the metal spear vanished and in its place was a man with green hair and jade-green eyes. He descended from the sky like a god made mortal and landed not that far away from me, with the strength and elegance befitting of a true deity.

Dust rose off the ground and a crater formed around him, while the small critters of the forest hid away in their burrows or fled as far as they could from here, scared by the sound of the impact, the roar of the bird of metal, and the presence of this man before me.

He was awe inspiring and caused my heart to flutter. There was only one individual in the whole wide world capable of doing this, and his name was Illsyore.

Standing proud and showing me a charming smile, he then parted his lips and called out to me.

“It's been a while, Ayuseya.”

“You say it as though we have been parted away for years.” I scoffed and then while trying to keep my calm, I approached him.

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