~ Chapter 109: How she was viewed by others (Part 1) ~

[Alkelios' point of view]


Somehow or another, I ended up meeting the refugee Prince and Princess of the Akutan Empire as well as found the most important alchemic ingredient of them all: the orange!

To top it off, there was one other ingredient I managed to get my hands on, which was a Drop of Royal Human Blood, and you couldn't get any more royal than the ancient Akutan Imperial Family. Not to mention the fact that Princess Ildea was also a possible blood bag donor.

The other ingredients I required for making the [Lumenos, Lumenya, and Nocturnia's tears Potion], which was the cure for the [God's Demise Poison], were: the Elf Queen's Tears of Joy, Baby Tooth of a Relliar Royalty, Celestium-Zaradin alloy dust infused with ancient dwarf magic, and the Bone Powder from the Horn of a Skeletal Wyrm.

I already had the orange from which I could extract orange juice. The powdered scales of Superior Draconians of the High Flame, High Ice, High Light, High Darkness, High Earth, and the High Authority could be obtained from me, Seryanna, his Majesty, and if needed be from other dragons or dragonesses out there. Cure-All Plant leaves and Enchanted Water were at my disposal 32/7.

The tooth, the alloy dust, and the queen's tears could probably be obtained by his Majesty if he sent out a delegation to their countries of origin. I remember wishing that they would somehow someway manage to obtain those crucial ingredients because the next time I got to see Queen Elliessara, I had to make sure I had the cure with me.

She didn't have much time left to live, but since the God-like told me that it was alright to go at a leisure pace towards the Dragon Continent, I could only guess that her Majesty wasn't in any imminent danger of turning into a rampaging Lich. From what I could see, if I did happen to just rush over to her side, I would have ended up skipping on meeting new friends and even finding Coshun.

All of these events fell on the top of my hand with a clockwork precision and at a speed I could barely keep up with.

“What will the two of you do now?” I asked Amadeus.

The boy looked up at me and then back to his little sister. His worry and fears could be read on his face. There was no way he could continue to provide like this for her, and the fact that they were of Akutan blood and rather different in terms of looks from the humans on this part of the continent made them a target for discrimination. They both had handsome features which made them a target for the black market slave hunters like those from the Black Company.

True, it was illegal to sell slaves of noble and royal blood, but this was only if the authorities never found out. The only way that could happen was if there were Akutan spies or foreign diplomats in Ten Swords who could identify them and then send a report of them back to the Empire.

To be fair, I didn’t think it was that difficult to hide someone for a long period of time or even their whole lives in this sort of low-tech country. Besides, the spies and diplomats would also have to recognize the two as royals in order for them to make a move. If their owner ordered them to tell a lie instead of the truth, then that was it.

Then again, there was a much more terrible fate that could await them in these slums even if they never ended up as slaves. The prowling eyes of the people living here saw them as a cheap workforce and as underlings for criminals. There were also those who looked at them in far more sinister ways.

“We'll probably try to find a job and... survive.” Amadeus replied with a wry smile.

“But as long as we have each other, we'll be able to go through everything. I am healthy now, so no challenge is too small, and no heaven is too high.” Drumora declared as she cast a confident gaze at her brother

These siblings had gone through thick and thin, so it was normal for the two of them to think that they would continue living like this until they found their place in the world.

“Oh, I hope you're not thinking what I think you're thinking.” Kalderan narrowed his eyes at me the very moment he saw me rubbing my chin.

I showed him a mischievous smile and then turned towards the two children and asked them “What would you say if I extended towards you the opportunity to travel together with us?”

Amadeus didn't hesitate even for one second to reply “We'd take it!”

“Hm? Drumora, you feel that same way?” I asked her.

With a short nod, she replied “Yes, we gave you our precious orange, the symbol of our Imperial Family. You also proved to be quite generous and kind, so traveling together with you won't make us feel uneasy.”

“But you've just met us, how could you trust us like this?” asked Kalderan as he furrowed his brow.

“Because, there's less of a chance for something bad to happen to us while traveling with you than by staying in these slums. At least like this, we will have a small chance at a better future.” Drumora explained.

“What she said.” nodded Amadeus.

“In that case, welcome to our group, Amadeus and Drumora!” I told them with a big smile on my face.

“Yes, happy to be here!” they both answered at the same.

“I swear, if someone starts chanting that idiotic song about being the very best and whatnot, I'm going to flip!” Kalderan grumbled.

“Don't worry, I'm not gonna catch them all!” I showed him a thumbs up.

“Princes and Princesses aren't collectibles!” he rebuked, and I laughed.

Since we couldn't allow our new companions to stay in this shabby place anymore, I decided that it would be for the best if we brought them over to our inn, where they could get a decent meal and have a good bath. If they didn't lend us the bathtub, I would just take out the one I had within my inventory.

We didn't have any clothes for children, so Drumora wore something we got for Ildea, while Kalderan lent some of his stuff to Amadeus. I was bit too big to lend my own clothes, but I did give them both some leather armors that had size-adjustment enchant on them as well as a dagger for self-defense. The look on their faces when they heard what sort of items they received was priceless.

I was starting to enjoy the feeling I got from shocking everyone left and right, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to go around smashing everyone's common sense? Especially if it wasn’t something I did too often?

Unfortunately, it appeared as though anything I did on this continent ended up being something out of the ordinary for them, from my most basic of skills to the simplest of herbs I pulled out of [Black Hole].

Maybe I just didn't have a good sense of value anymore. I knew that I had an important political role now, but I couldn't say I was well aware of how much my stuff or services were worth.

Our next stop was going to be in Grinjar Trade City, so that was a good place as any to start checking out the market value of some of my stuff. All I had to do was just go around browsing for various things and then trade one or two items from my junk collection.

We left for Mathias Town early in the morning, when breakfast was still being served. The food there wasn't that great anyway, so we all agreed it would be best if I cooked something from the stuff Kalderan hunted last time. Ildea and Risha were both quite eager to help me out, while Coshun chose to train to with the gun wielding Russian.

It was interesting to see the big dragon hold back against him, especially since the stats and level difference between them was quite huge. He didn't mind it though, and for the duration of our breakfast and a bit more afterwards, they kept talking about strategies and things to use when fighting opponents as different in combat style as each other.

From time to time, I also saw Ildea walk up to Coshun and start up a casual conversation with him. She mostly asked how the dragon royalty was and how everyone was treating him. It came as a surprise to her when she heard that he was an adopted son. It never occurred to her there would be a royal out there who would do something like that.

Coshun was then forced to explain the value of our scales and how the Golden Scale was incredibly rare and for most draconians signified the right to lead. In Albeyater, this right was reserved only to the Royal Family for now, since they were the only ones who had it, but Embryger had quite a few of them among the nobles and even some commoners.

The color of a scale was determined by the mentality and soul of the Unawakened individual, while their bloodline had little to no influence at all. The Seyendraugher family was just lucky to have all of its members born with a natural desire to lead, which made them manifest that golden scale.

Upon arriving in Grinjar Trade City, we found ourselves stuck in a long line of carriages and merchants that gathered from all the corners of the Ten Swords Kingdom. This in itself told us of how important this place was, which also meant that the market here was perfect for me to find out what the most reasonable prices of various wares and goods were. There would be no lack in traders who wished to sell their stuff here.

There were no incidents that happened while we waited in line, but this gave everyone else a chance to talk and know each other better. I remained quiet for the most part as I chose to spend this time playing with Tamara. Using my skill [The Pope], I was able to create a small weak beam of light that focused in one spot, in other words, a pointing laser.

The moment Tamara saw it, her ears perked up, her tail waved in the air, her pupils shrunk, and her whiskers twitched. The hunt was on, and I was having a lot of fun sending her left and right to chase after that bright red dot.

The children who saw her were amused, while the adults found it unsightly. To me, it was just a moment of bonding with my feline friend. To be honest, she did give off the feeling of being more of a cat than a person, which was strange.

When I was back in Albeyater, and I heard people talking about the relliars, I often imagined anthropomorphic humans with the characteristic of animals, not animals with the characteristic of humans.

I also happened to see another relliar slave standing in line with his master, but he didn't give me the impression of a cat, and he wasn't interested in the red dot in the slightest, which made me wonder if Tamara was by chance a very special kitty?

In the end, we managed to enter Grinjar Trade City without any problems, but it was already noon by now, so we went and grabbed something to eat at a tavern. We had to sit down at a more secluded table because we wanted to eat together with our slaves. Coshun offered to skip on this meal and so did Tamara. They didn’t want to cause us any trouble, but I would have none of that.

Ildea refused the idea as well, while Risha had a dangerous air around her. She was smiling at the waiter while she was tapping with her fingers on the hilt of her dagger.

I guess we were lucky the small argument didn't escalate to something worse.

Even so, I had to admit that the stares of the people around us did feel a bit uncomfortable, and I was beginning to think that maybe eating out in the open like this wasn't such a brilliant idea after all. I was honestly worried that they might try to pick a fight with them when I wasn't watching. Coshun wasn't someone I was worried about in this matter, he was a powerful dragon warrior who served on the battlefield and was even recognized by that stubborn old Brekkar Draketerus, however, Tamara was just a poor kitten who could easily fall prey to some nasty individuals. After all, one just had to use a pointing laser or a ball of yarn to catch her attention.

This being said, Kladeran noticed my worry and gave me a nudge in the ribs with his elbow.

“Guha~!” I coughed.

“Is something the matter?” Ildea asked a bit worryingly.

“No, the air just ran out of my lungs on its own, that's all.” I replied and then glared at the man who was pretending like nothing happened.

Maybe this was his way of saying that I was stressing over the sky falling.

I could rebuke him, though. I was indeed worrying for all of their safety and deep in my heart, I didn't really think they could take care of themselves without me being there to help them out.

While thinking about this, I realized something rather shocking.

Oh, by the gods! I'm acting like an overbearing grandpa with them! I thought and tried my best to hide my shock from them.

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