~ Chapter 148: The foolish Demios of Akardia (Part 1) ~

[Nanya's point of view] 

 Akardia was the name of the capital of the Demonarkiar Empire that spanned across the entire Demon Continent, but also the name of my own mother. It was located within a place called the Mirror Forest. The reason why it carried this name was because it was populated by a lot of sneaky monsters who took the shape and form of those who travelled through it. In a way, they were the best sparring partner for a demon who wished to rise up in ranks, but when it came to someone as powerful as myself, these monsters preferred to stay away rather than try to mimic my form. 

I wasn't a prey for them, I was a most fierce predator which they had no hope of ever defeating, just like mother was. 

Last time I took a step within the Mirror Forest was when I had decided to flee from my family and this continent, but traveling through this place as weak as I was back then, the monsters couldn't help but see me as a most delicious juicy morsel they could wait to get a bite out of. I ran from one monster and bumped into another. They kept playing with me like that until I bumped into some adventurers or braves as they were called here. They protected me for the price of a few gligger coins. 

Back then, the forest was filled with hisses and growls, creatures that lurked in the darkness, looking at me from afar, snickering and laughing at my weak self, but now... it was no different from one of the peaceful forest on Illsyorea, where the most dangerous thing you could encounter was a nasty fall on your bottom. Tamara loved that place because it offered a lot of hiding spots and lots of trees which she could climb and jump around from. 

With a sigh escaping my lips, I looked up through the foliage of the trees and thought back at how much my life had changed. This whole continent was nothing more than a big package of memories, and most of them weren't so pleasant. Coming back here was more of a way to prove myself that I had changed. 

Actually, if I think about it, none of us really had any reason to reject Illsy from coming with us. At the very least he could keep us company in bed at night, but this whole journey was nothing more than a trial for me... a test or rather... a way to show everyone here that I wasn't the same weak lil' Nanya they once knew. I wasn't an Impure who could never dream of being a match for a true Pure. I thought and then looked down at the ground. 

The armor I was wearing right now was my own. 

Not long after I split ways with Eventel, I decided to switch outfits. After all that I had seen so far, only if I ended up meeting a truly powerful demon or monster would I find myself in need of them. That gear was one of my trump cards, and I had no need to use it now, well... other from the fact that it was also very comfortable to wear. Illsyore did think of everything when he made a special armor. 

This armor of mine was a full plate armor with spikes and complete coverage. There was no need to flaunt my sexiness here, since I didn't have any intention of either luring or messing around with the perception of my opponent. Besides, with my powerful Magic Armor, there were very few attacks that could get through to me and reach my physical armor. If anything did pass with ease through it, then my own armor would be nothing more than scrap metal in front of it. 

Thus, what I was wearing could be said that it was more akin to a fashion dress. 

Initially, I was thinking about heading to Akardia only after I managed to secure a good political backup on the continent. This meant some important demios and maybe a couple of merchants, but meeting with Eventel and having him take my side changed everything. There was no need to run around the continent to do this. He was more than enough for me to take a stance at the court. Not to mention the fact that I have defeated Solstark, which not only would lead to a rise in my reputation but also support from various factions. 

With this much political support I would have no worries in regard to my return to Illsyorea or the safety of those living there. There was nothing stopping a demon or demoness from harassing those under my protection if all they were aware about was the fact that I was once a very weak princess. If I desired to change their mind, I would have to make it clear that I wasn't the same as before and that there were influential individuals who backed me up on this. 

Long ago, I would not have even bothered to go through all of this trouble, but Ayuseya taught me that there were more kinds of strength out there. The one I knew of could only stop those who wished to attack me directly, but there were numerous other ways they could harass me. As a member of the Deus family, when I subjected myself to danger, I also subjected everyone else around me to the possibility of becoming a revenge target. Those with whom we did business or were on friendly terms could also end up in danger. 

Well, it wasn't as though I was the only Over Supreme on Illsyorea, so I held no such worries for now. That was why what I wanted to see right now were the expressions of shock and awe on those demons who looked down on me once they came to realize just how vastly more powerful than them I had become. That moment alone would certainly feel very gratifying for me. 

I arrived at Akardia's gates early in the evening the day after I rescued Eventel's wife. Since I didn't take the normal route via a commonly used road, I didn't have the chance to observe just how much traffic was coming and going from this big city. There were at least ten carriages in line at the gates and around thirty travelers on foot. Among them, I spotted a few who appeared to be braves. All of them were wearing armors and weapons made from animal parts that were further enhanced by their own magic-created armors. 

From the point of view of those living on the three sealed continents, they were all anywhere between a lower Emperor Rank and a higher Supreme Rank. On this continent, even children were far more powerful than the Beginner Rank ones. 

The number of demons and demonesses who were traveling towards Akardia was impressive, but there were also a lot who were leaving. It was a constant flow of traffic coming and going from the capital, so before it got too busy, I hoped in line and waited for my turn to come. 

When it was finally time, the guard, a big demon with a big horn sprouting from his forehead and another from the ridge of his nose, looked at me with a glare and then asked in a gruff voice: Name yourself and the reason why you wish to enter Akardia. 

A little farther in the back was another demon, who was skinny-looking and entirely focused on writing something on a bunch of scrolls. He was probably some sort of scribe who recorded everything everyone declared. 

Looking back at the guard, I replied Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus. I have important business at the palace. 

Nanya? Where have I heard that name before? the guard wondered while he noted down something. 

Turning back, he saw the scribe to have stopped midway writing my name. 

Huh? Is something the matter? the demon asked. 

Nanya... Demonarkiar, that's the name of the princess who vanished a century ago. She's the weakling of the royal family. he said and then looked up at me. Are you? Her, I mean? 

I am indeed her, but a weakling I am not. I replied with a soft smile. 

The scribe nodded at me and then looked at the others. No one seemed to have reacted to my name, which meant that either they weren't that well informed on the Royal Family's matters or that they were far too young to have learned of it. Even I didn't know the names of some of the demons of the past and many of those who were recently born but who may have held very important roles within the empire. 

Will she be a problem? the guard asked the scribe this instead of me directly. 

No... she shouldn't be. Are you? he replied shaking his head but then stopped and looked at me with worry in his eyes. 

As long as no one will trouble me, then I won't cause any trouble. Besides, I doubt there's anyone here who can stop me even if I did. I said with a smile and the guards narrowed their eyes at me. 

The tension was growing, but I remained relaxed. 

You are mighty confident in yourself aren't you, Impure? someone called out to me using a very annoying and distinct insult. 

Turning around, I saw a demon climbing out of a carriage, hair gold as the thread that decorated his silk robe, white teeth without even a single spot of imperfection on them, a straight nose that gave him a manly charm, a smug smile on his lips as though he owned everything he looked at. This demon wore clothes that expressed a sense of elegance and extravagance, the soft silk of dark purple and gold colors was like an insult tossed in the face of those poorer than himself. 

He didn't step on the ground but rather he floated up in the air with the help of magic. When I traced where the energy was coming for, I saw that the caster was actually the guard in the back, a black-hooded demon who had most of his body hidden behind his long cloak. The other demon next to him was bulkier in size and carried himself with an imposing presence. Both of these demons stepped out of the carriage after the one who was most likely a demio of some sort. 

Who are you? I asked as I turned to look at him. 

The gate guards took a step back and made a quick bow before him, which meant that not only did they recognize who he was but he was also powerful enough to install respect in them. 

My name, you insignificant one, is Astorvar Glamorada of the great and powerful Glamorada family! he declared with a smile as though it was supposed to mean something great. 

Certainly, the demons and demonesses around me reacted with awe and surprise when they heard him, but I wasn't impressed in the slightest. This idiot just so happened to put his family’s greatness over his own as an individual, which was a sign of disrespect and lack of courtesy towards my own family. 

Raising an eyebrow, I asked him And? You are a demio, right? I asked him, hoping that he picked up on his mistake. 

But of course, you Impure. The Glamorada known by all those high and below! he declared with a smug look on his face. 

Forcing a smile on my lips, I looked into his eyes and then, in the next fraction of a second, I had shattered his Magic Armor and held my hand around his neck. His guards, as smug and confidant as they tried to make themselves appear weren't even able to react. How could they, to grab this dolt, I used the same skill I used whenever I wanted to catch Tamara before she ran off somewhere. That busty feline was not to be underestimated when it came to speed. 

Listen here, Astorvar Glamorada. My name is Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus. That means I am part of the Demonarkiar Imperial Family and also of the Deus family, which outrank whatever Demio family you may come from by a lot. But even if we put our families aside, I am not someone you should anger easily. True, I was once weak, but right now, if I want to, I can turn you and your entire family's estate into nothing but rubble! I can kill your right here and right now just for the simple fact that you angered me and there will be nothing either your guards or anyone else can do to stop me. Do you understand, Astorvar Glamorada, or do I need to teach what proper manners among demios are? Anger me again, and I promise you that I will rip out your nose and ears and then feed them to you with a fork made from your own bones, do you understand? 

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