~ Chapter 148: The foolish Demios of Akardia (Part 3) ~

It didn't matter to me who chose to serve me, so I moved over to the serious-looking demoness, leaving the other to the hurried customer. 

How may Rasiette be of service? she asked in an emotionless manner. 

She didn't say Rasiette's Flower Inn, did she? I thought as I narrowed my eyes and then looked to my left at the demon who cut in line. 

I want the biggest room! There must be flowers on the bed, and the food must be of excellent quality for one such as myself... the demon kept on saying one ridiculous thing after another, causing the receptionist lady to feel a bit pressured while holding on to her weakly smile. 

Turning my gaze to the woman in front of me, I then replied I desire a room for one person, please. 

Certainly. Any view in specific? she asked as she opened the ledger. 

No. I shook my head. 

That will be six gligger coins. 

Of course, here you go. I said and reached for my purse to take out the money, but just then one of the guards stumbled and his bags fell towards me. 

Without hesitation, I slapped them out of my way. They fell to side, opening up and scattering the clothes and items inside all over the inn's floor. 

Watch it. I told the guard, who was now as pale as a sheet of paper. 

After taking out the coins from my purse, I placed them on the table, but at the same time, the demio next to me shouted at the top of his lungs while pointing at me HOW DARE YOU! 

Huh? I raised an eyebrow as I looked back at him. 

The receptionist took my coins and walked over to the key hanger to pick up my room key. 

I am Demio Elmakar Valtas! How dare you show such disrespect towards me, you peasant demoness! he growled. 

There was actual anger and fury in his eyes, so much that I felt at bit at a loss in regard to why he was acting or looking at me like that. Honestly speaking, I didn't know what I did to anger him, but then when I saw from the corner of my eyes his scattered things, it clicked with me. 

There was no sign of disrespect here, but if you don't stop now, you'll have to suffer. I warned calmly as I took the key from the receptionist. 

You even dare stay at the same inn as the great I?! Prostrate yourself on the ground, NOW, before I order my guards to beat you up! They are ALL former powerful BRAVES! he declared. 

Letting out a sigh, I looked over at the receptionist who gave me the key, and I politely asked her Is this a common thing around these parts or am I just unlucky? 

Unfortunately, you will see similar individuals as this respective customer from time to time. However, I assure you, that as a paying customer of our inn, we will make sure that you will be completely safe on our property. she replied with a business smile. 

Preposterous! If I want to teach this demoness a lesson, I am free to do so! It is my right as a demio and one as wonderful as I! he declared triumphantly. 

Has he paid yet? I asked her. 

No. the other receptionist replied with a weak tone of voice. 

I see. Then, if I am to defend myself against this rowdy individual, would it cause problems for this lovely establishment? 

I would prefer it if you would take the fight outside, if possible. she told me. 

Understood. I nodded and then looked at the noble. You heard hear, demio Valtas, there will be no fighting here. 

SILENCE! I do as I please! he declared, but I honestly felt like I was going to get a headache if I continued to listen to his nonsense. 

Letting out a sigh, I looked at his group of meager braves and then back at him. 

No fighting, huh? I said and then did what any other Demonarkiar would, I announced my presence. 

SILENCE! I shouted loud while I release the pressure of my presence, which was nothing to joke about. Everyone in this building and as well as those in the nearby surroundings immediately felt that someone very powerful and dangerous was here. 

Y-You... How dare you! W-Who do you think you are to... Valtas still had the guts to point at me, although his legs were shaking. 

I said SILENCE, you worthless bug! I am Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus, daughter of Queen Akardia Demonarkiar! I declared with an intimidating tone of voice. 

N-Nanya? That Impure? he said. 

I dare you to call me like that again. I narrowed my eyes at him. 

Demons, unlike humans, could be a very stupid bunch who for the most parts didn't learn their lesson until you smacked it right into their face. We were proud, we were strong, but most importantly we were arrogant. 

The great family of Valtas has no need to show fear to an Impure like you! We can toss you out of the city whenever we want! he declared with a smile. 

Esteemed owner of this inn, please excuse me while I go and have a chat with this demio outside. I said and then took a step forward. 

Because of my speed, the guards and everyone else here didn't even had time to react. All they could see was that I vanished and then reappeared behind the demio. With a single movement, I grabbed the demon by the back of his clothes and then dragged him outside. 

L-Let me go, you Impure! Let me go! I order you! I command you! he shouted, but garbage like him was the type that would sooner or let get himself killed in this world. 

You are a sheltered brat, aren't you? I asked and then tossed him out in the street when I reached the door. 

Ugh! You! he shouted and pointed at me. 

What is the name of this? a demoness asked when he saw the demon flying past her. 

Ah, High Demio Oshamia Kollesia! I pay my respects! he said and bowed his head before her. 

I stepped out of the inn and looked over at the demoness in question. She had the upper body of a woman in her forties and the legs of a giant octopus. There was a pair of long spines on her back, and somehow, she managed to make that look of hers appear graceful and noble. If a human from the sealed continents saw her, he would have first screamed and then ran away in fear. 

But if Illsy saw her, he would have just compared her chest with mine... Hmph! I win! I thought to myself and then showed her a victorious smile. 

A demoness intuition was nothing to laugh at, she immediately felt as though I was attacking her feminine appeal. Since I competed at home with women like Shanteya, Ayuseya, Zoreya, and Tamara, I had quite of bit of confidence in myself. There was no way I could lose to a demoness like her! 

Demio Elmakar Valtas, I ask again. What are you doing over there on the ground and who is this demoness? I have never seen her before. she asked him in a tone of voice that showed her authority, calm, and strength. 

My apologies, High Demio! Valtas bowed his head to her and then got up on his feet. Tossing me a glare, he then said This one is a scoundrel who took up the name of the deceased Princess Nanya! he said and pointed at me. 

Hm? Is that so? Then she should be executed at once. Guards! she ordered without a second thought. 

Valtas was smiling all the way to the tip of his ears when he heard her, while I remained calm, unwavering like a pillar of stone in the middle of a raging ocean. 

The ones who stepped forward to answer her call were a bunch of a black hooded demons as well as Valtas' own guards who rushed out of the inn after me. I cast a glance at the demoness who gave the order and then at her entourage, then I looked over at the petty demon who caused this entire commotion. 

With a single step, I was in front of him, then with a single punch, I shattered his Magic Armor and launched him the air far above the ground. Before the others could even react, I was up there with him, ready to give him a slap that sent him crashing into the ground right in front of the High Demio Oshamia Kollesia. I allowed myself to land gracefully in front of her and then looked straight into her eyes while between us the demon was groaning in pain. 

I would be careful with such impulsive orders, High Demio. I am not one to lie nor am I one to be trifled with. I told her as I glared into her eyes, but she didn't even flinch I am indeed Nanya Demonarkiar the 2nd Deus, but if you still wish to dare lay the order of execution, I will smash your guards and then you into the ground, just as the laws 'The dignity of the soul.' and 'The strong above all.' dictates. 

There was a moment of tension when no one dared to even so much as make a sound. The demoness continued to look straight into my eyes, trying to see whether or not I was bluffing, but I had every intention of keeping my words. If these guards dared to approach me like that, then they would feel what it meant to be beaten up to a pulp and have their armors shatters or ripped apart from them. 

Fortunately, this High Demio was far smarter than the Lower Demio who tried to appears as someone dignified and powerful but only gave off the feeling of a complete and utter fool. 

She lifted her right hand up. This was the sign that told them to hold their ground. Everyone was nervous now, they were looking at me with an intense gaze, trying to figure out what my weakness was or to aim for a possible opening. Even if I gave them a million of them, there wasn't even a single demon around me who could even so much as put a dent in my Magic Armor. At least, that was how it felt. 

I sense that you are speaking the truth. she said. 

I am. 

Hm, in that case, the Queen shall be the judge of you. If you turn out to be an impersonator, then your punishment will be crueler than that of simple death at the hands of my guards. she declared. 

Oh? You really think your guards could have done anything against me? Sorry to say this, but I am not one to fall by the sword of such weaklings. I smirked. 

Yes, I do believe so. she replied with a strong confidence. 

Hmph. You have a good head on your shoulders, little demoness, but I fear that if you don't learn to tell the difference between the strong and the weak, you may end up losing it a bit... prematurely. I told her. 

Is that a threat? she asked. 

More like... a fact. 

I stared into her eyes for another moment and then, seeing as she wasn't saying anything else, I returned to the inn. Once I was inside, from the corner of my eyes, I saw the High Demio leaning forward to take fast deep breaths of air. The pressure I released was too much for her, but I had to give her points for being able to withstand it that much. Maybe this way, she wouldn't think about giving orders like that so recklessly. Only the gods know whom you might end up angering by chance. 

If it was the old me right now, I probably would have killed her and that demio. Just beating him up and maybe ripping her dress off to leave her completely naked on the street wouldn't have sufficed. Maybe I would have turned their skin purple too or make them eat bugs. The old me, as much as I hated to say it, was a bit more vicious than I was right now. 

After Kormian and Natrasku were born, something inside me changed... maybe this was the reason why I also thought that now I could talk with my parents better than I could before. There was a sort of understanding between mothers, or so I wanted to believe. As far as I knew, I wasn't the most liked of my siblings and father even went so far as to give me a sword that made it incredibly difficult for me to find a possible suitor. Well, Illsy was the one who found the 'not not joke' loophole around it. 

Sigh... and to think that silly event led to what were the biggest changes in my life. I thought as I walked to my room on the first floor. 

Once inside, I let out a heavy sigh and then leaned on the bed. It wasn't as comfortable as the one I had in my Inner Mind, which was made by Illsy, but it was good enough for me to rest my tired bones in. 

I wonder how everyone's doing? I said as I closed my eyes for a moment. 

Later today, I planned on heading to the Palace, where no doubt I would find a lot of demons who would simply love to pick a fight with me. Right now, however, I had no intention of backing down or letting myself to be belittled by others. My plan was to let my parents know of the fact that they were now grandparents and that was it. 

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