~ Chapter 149: The hidden secret of an ancient's curse (Part 1) ~

[Ayuseya's point of view] 

 With my summon to the King's throne room, the gears of fate that would bring about clarity to this nation's future were finally set in motion. The dark clouds ever-looming above the oppressed capital of Teslov crackled with the desire to let the rain pour down and drown all those below them who so much as dared to look up. 

The history of this nation was never one of glory or prosperity, at least not in the sense that Illsy made me aware off. From the moment of its inception, the draconians had been cast in the jaws of war. With their powerful bodies and ferocious attitudes, they would sweep away the enemies who dared to stand before them. 

A long long time ago, the Thorya Continent was home to over one hundred nations. Among them, there were also a lot of draconian ones, but the history books don't tell us what sort of civilizations they harbored, only that when the ancient Dragon Emperor of Teslov was born, they were conquered by him. Without showing even a single drop of mercy, he laid claim to all the lands around him, turning non-draconians and half-draconians into slaves of war or tools for devilish experiments. 

At one point, the last remaining free nations of Thorya joined hands together and formed the Paramanium Kingdom. They waged war against the Teslov Empire for years and years. The Paramnium historians declared that eventually, the Dragon Emperor turned to Black Magic and the worship of a Dark God, but this was considered a mere fabulation by Teslov. 

Considering the many situations I came to witness in the past years as well as what happened with Illsyore and Tamara back on Sorone, I am inclined to believe that it was highly unlikely for it to be a fabulation of any sort. 

After, it was no sooner that the Dragon Emperor began to push back the Paramanium Kingdom. When the war spread to Allasn and Sorone, it became the first ever recorded World War and the brutality of the draconian soldiers was at its very peak. Their war crimes were countless and spread far and wide. They slaughtered everyone they encountered, they raided villages and drained the settlers of blood. They conquered the cities of Sodoma and Gomorraht, then they forced to surviving population to get drunk with aphrodisiacs and form massive orgies until everyone there lost their mind. These cities were then used as bait for the enemy armies and when the vast majority of soldiers were inside, they cast Supreme Rank magic spells that bombarded them with giant fireballs. 

And these were only some of their more... tame actions. 

One of the legends even claimed that the Dragon Emperor wished to conquer the world and enslave the other species merely to satisfy his own desires for a different sort of meat and when he wasn't satisfied, he didn't mind eating his own wives or children. 

On the other hand, most of the legends in Teslov portray him as a hero of legend, who brought us glory over all the other species and nations that were vastly inferior to us. 

There were many faces to his tale, but even after he was defeated by a coalition of kingdoms and empires from all the three continents, Teslov still retained its fearsome might and savageness. The only thing that dwindled our power was the generational curse that passed from royal to royal, spreading like a virus. 

Although, Illsy's words from last night regarding the hidden underground facility in the Pleyades Palace made me wonder if it really was something that was cast upon my family by the enemies of Teslov back in the Dragon Emperor's time or maybe it was something we did to ourselves? 

What he said was You know? This generational curse, I always found it be a bit odd. Back then, when I freed you from it, I never really gave it any thought because it happened so suddenly and also couldn't analyze it properly, however, why does it work like this? Where does all that energy that it drains from its victims go to? If it simply dissipated in the air, then this palace would have been very rich in Magic Energy, but it feels... saturated. Also, it makes no sense to use so much energy just to curse a family for thousands and thousands of generations... Just kill them off and make the next ruler your puppet. Isn't that one of the most basic political strategies you can use? If you just curse them like that, then they become the puppets of the other nobles in the country or even end up getting killed by them anyway so that others could rise to power, yet for some reason, this never happened in a corrupt and unjust kingdom like Teslov all these centuries now. 

It wasn't as if I had never thought about this myself, it was just that I had ignored it for the most part, thinking that they were simply doing it out of respect. 

Your Highness, we're here to escort you. 

Seven new faces showed themselves before me alongside three old ones, they were all of Supreme Rank, with the latter three being the draconians who escorted me from the Illsyorea Island. They were wearing a special type of armor that was reserved only for the King's most trusted guards. 

These ten released their intimidating presence as soon as I had opened the door of my room. With the exception of those three, from whom I couldn't feel the same desire to suppress me, I could tell that they wanted to see me grovel at their feet, begging them to stop or to immediately start fearing them. 

How foolish. I thought as I looked back at them without so much as flinching. 

A whole minute passed and they kept standing there like fools, some smiling while the others wondering why I wasn't caving in already. 

Are you here to watch me stand in front of my room's door or are you going to let me pass so I can meet the King? I asked them in a cold tone of voice once I saw that they weren't backing up. 

Huh? the one who made the stupid face and let out the foolish sound was the same one who announced that they were going to be the escorts. 

From left to right, those seven were a mismatch of scale colors, blue, red, green, brown, red, white, and blue. The three from before kept their distance and stayed in the back. They knew better than to get on my bad side, although it made me wonder as to why they ended up as part of this group. 

This way. Said the one on my right with red scales, forcing the others to open up a path for me. 

With absolute confidence and the elegance that was hammered down into me since a young age, I began to make my way towards the King's throne room. 

No sooner after we left, one of these escorts opened his mouth and addressed me in a rather rude manner. 

You know, your Highness, I have heard these strange rumors that said you have gained some sort miraculous strength. But a cursed one of the Pleyades couldn't possibly attain any form of power unless it was from an artifact, right? he spoke in a tone of voice that should have made me feel small and helpless. 

I also heard that this place you are coming from, Illsyorea was it? Yeah, that place is said to be guarded by powerful monsters and ridiculous women warriors. But isn't that just a foolish lie spread to keep the idiots and cowards away? the one with green scales mocked. 

That supposedly husband of yours, Illsyore, he dares claim to own what rightfully belongs to this nation. Even if you got impregnated by him, your offspring still belongs to Teslov. the one with brown scales said. 

I didn't react to their words until now, but it seemed as though the other three who knew me were taking a step back. That was wise of them. Maybe they got forced into joining this merry group? 

Kind sirs. I said and then stopped. 

Huh? the one with brown scales looked at me with a raised eyebrow. 

Indeed, there are many rumors regarding our strength and that of my husbands, but it seems there are some mistakes among what you declared. I told them with a cold smile on my face. 

And what mistakes would those be? the one with green scales asked with a mocking smile. 

First of all, it appears that these rumors have rudely spoken ill of my husband's strength. Their claims portray him as far weaker than he actually is. Things like smashing a Supreme with one hand or slaying an army with countless monsters or traps are a bit too insulting. There would be no need for my husband to stain his Magic Armor with the blood of someone as weak as a Supreme and there would be no need to summon countless monsters to kill an army when a single squad of his imps would be more than enough. Countless monsters? What for? That would be a waste of Magic Energy. And second of all, it seems you all are under the false impression that you represent even the faintest and smallest danger to me. And lastly, I never gave you permission to talk nor asked for your opinions on anything. So, I would appreciate it if you don't perpetuate such false rumors anymore. If you wish to, at least do it right. I told them in a calm tone of voice that showed no emotion and ended my speech with a gentle smile. 

The way I looked at them was the same as I would at a helpless little child. I then turned around and continued to walk towards the throne room. 

I wonder how Illsy's doing. I thought as I looked at this dark and gloomy corridor that seemed to be inviting me to a funeral rather than an audience with a King. 


 [Illsyore's point of view] 

 This palace was overly complicated and big! That was all I could think about after I quietly sneaked out of Ayuseya's room. It was too bad that I didn't get to stay around and watch her change her clothes. Sneaking a peek at her gorgeous bosom was a heavens blessing in its own! 

Really though, I couldn't get enough of indulging in these carnal pleasures with my beloved wives. It was so exciting and thrilling to make them feel good and loved by me. It basically charged me up with infinite amount of energy! 

Anyway, getting back to the matter at hand, I was now wondering how big Vellezya's breasts were. It wasn't as if I was thinking of hitting her with a 'not not joke' but rather I was curious if it ran in the family. If that was the case, then I had to make preparation for when my little girls turned of age! Papa wasn't going to let any man just ogle at them in a perverted way! Papa looking at mamas was an exception decreed by the gods! 

That and well, it was normal to teach your beautiful daughters self-defense as well as ways to spot the creeps who looked at her funny. It was normal if she could make use of this weapon when she found a man she loved, but she definitely had to make sure she could differentiate him from any other unwanted perverts out there. 

So far though, my only daughter is Anette, and she's probably smart enough to figure this out long before I can even think about starting to teach her about the evil gazes of perverted men. Then again, it's not yet certain if she will pick a female body or a male one. As a Dungeon, she does have that freedom, after all. Even I have the blueprint of my female version, but going through a change would be anything but annoying. Level would reset to 1, I would have to retrain my muscles and start condensing my Magic Energy... ugh... If it wasn't for the trouble of going through all that hellish training again, I may have had actually tried it out at one point. Nanya and Shanteya wouldn't have minded sleeping with me in that form. I thought while I sneaked around the palace. 

Since it felt interesting and cool, I decided to go at it like a spy movie hero. The only thing that was missing was that music in the background. Still, the more I lurked around, the nastier were the things I heard about the Pleyades family or rather insults thrown at them. 

None of the guards respected the women of this family, but their faith and loyalty in King Braydan was almost at ridiculous peak levels. They spoke about him like he was one of the best rulers out there, but to be honest, it didn't seem like they were brainwashed at all. 

Out of curiosity, I dropped by the servants chambers, where I didn't end up by accident because I lost my way through this fricking maze, and there I stumbled upon the conversation between several maids that were in the process of changing their attire. None of them had Ayuseya's breasts, so I wasn't that interested, but they all had the bodies of trained soldiers. 

The worst thing that can happen? Other than being born as a Princess? Hm, maybe becoming the personal maid of one. Those draconian girls are picked up from among the weakest of noble girls and interesting commoners. They don't know how to fight or spot an assassin and once the Princess is sacrificed, their death is guaranteed. she declared with a snarky attitude. 

True, I don't really think I heard of one to survive. Ah! There's the case of those maids belonging to Princess Ayuseya, but didn't they become slaves or something? another one asked. 

This draconian maid had a deep cut on her chest from a sword strike. These ones were all at least Godlike Rank, and almost all the maids and butlers in this palace appeared to be well versed in combat for some reason. 

Yes, they were sold as soon as they returned to the Palace a few years ago. But that has to have been the case with most of them. There's even a secret bid among noble to see who gets to buy them first. It's too bad they couldn't be used for anything else, but not having a loyalty towards his Majesty was their own stupid fault. the third one declared. 

They then continued to badmouth Soleya and all the other maids that were in Ayuseya's service. I was reminded of the draconian woman who was raped and then brutally murdered by Dankyun back at the Fellyore academy. She held a high loyalty towards the princess, but within the Pleyades Palace, her and her fellow coworkers seemed to be the only ones. 

It was almost as if the royal children lived in some make-belief fantasy in which all the maids and guards changed their attitude towards them the moment they came into play. They were used and raised in certain manners in order to give off the impression that Teslov is like all the other kingdoms out there. 

This was why Ayuseya was allowed to study history and politics, to organize debate competitions at the age of 12 and even become an official representative of the Royal Court of Justice until the age of 16. She, just like all the other princesses before her, were used to make a good impression in front of the outside world. Even if someone captured and interrogated a maid or butler of hers, they wouldn’t have found out much because they too received a similar treatment. 

When their time was up, they were then sacrificed to reduce one tick from that generational curse. 

This made me feel like there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than anyone let out to be. Whether it had something to do with that curse and the farm below remained to be seen. I didn't rule out the possibility of having all of this as part of a giant ploy organized and led by the most prominent nobles in the Teslov Kingdom. 

As soon as I get the chance, I'll fully look into that curse's formulas to see how it works. I have a really really bad feeling about it. I thought.

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