~ Chapter 149: The hidden secret of an ancient's curse (Part 2) ~

After a bit of going back and forth, I finally managed to find the room I was looking for. Two big guards were standing there looking mean and dangerous. Well, either that or they were both constipated. The thing was, that I had to be extra sure that this was indeed Vellezya's room. I didn't want to go around looking through the whole palace for a mysterious room again. 

Well, Ayuseya did leave me with some directions, but I still got distracted by one thing and another. 

That being said, I walked out from the shadows, and with a smile on my lips, I asked Is this Princess Vellezya's room? 

Huh? Who's askin'? Identify yourself! one of the guards asked and then the other one placed his hand over the hilt of his blade. 

Oh, I just lost my way and was told to make a left turn from Vellezya's room... Or something like that. I replied with a shrug and a smile. 

The two of them looked at each other and then nodded. They unsheathed their swords and took a step towards me. 

I guess I need to be more persuasive? I said right before I took a step forward and attacked them. 

The guard on the left received a punch to the chest and was sent flying across the corridor, while the other one was grabbed by the throat. Their weak Godlike Rank Magic Armors shattered with ease and I wasn't too loud either. I knew how to be stealthy. 

So! I said and showed him a smile. 

The draconian struggled in my grasp, but there was no way he could escape my grip. As for the other one, he was completely knocked out, but not dead. 

Is this Vellezya's room? I asked again and then released the pressure on his throat a little so that he could speak properly. 

Y-Yes. he replied. 

Good! I showed him a smile and then punched him in the face, sending him off to the land of dreams together with his friend across the hall. 

Now then! I said and then approached the door. 

As soon as I did that, however, I began to pick up the voices inside. 

Your Highness, please stop being stubborn. You need to take your medicine! shouted the maid. 

There were the cries of a baby as well, most likely the boy, Brachen, which in this case would mean that he was my nephew? Then again, this also meant that all the mindless draconian women below were also my in-laws? 

This is one strange family... I thought, but as far as I was concerned, Ayuseya's family stopped at her and then extended only by a little to her sister Vellezya and nephew Brachen. 

I refuse! It is my choice to drink it when I please! Just leave it on the counter and leave this room at once. Look, you are scaring Brachen. Vellezya told her. 

Yup! Yup! Don't scare off my nephew! I thought and nodded. 

If anyone saw me right now, they would think I was a creep who was eavesdropping. Well, I wasn't a creep, but I didn't have the decency to ignore what they were saying either. 

Sigh... Well, I guess it doesn't really matter right now. Princess, it would be wise to say your farewells to the child. You see, the other reason why I came here today was also because I was ordered by his Majesty to take Brachen from you. As a Princess, you can't have children anymore. You are far too close to the point of death now. You will waste away in this bed in the following days and no matter how much you scream or beg, no one will answer... just like your mother and even Ayuseya's. she told her in a tone of voice that showed disgust towards the person before her. 

What? T-That can't be! You can't take Brachen away from me! Vellezya cried out. 

Like I said, not matter how much you whine or cry, it won't matter. she said. 

Well this is getting out of hand fast. I thought and then took a step back from the room. 

Looking to my right I saw two guards on patrol turning the corner. Well, I didn't want them to sound the alarm, so I rushed towards them and punched them in the stomach. The strike was clean and precise, shattering their Magic Armor and physical armor to bits and pieces while forcing all the air in their lungs to come out. 

You were just unlucky. I said as I looked at the two as they were gasping for air. 

They only had one moment to look up at me before I punched them in the face, knocking them out. 

I then turned around and rushed back to Vellezya's room. During this time, I didn't fear the idea that the maid might kill the baby, although it sounded like she could pose such a threat. If the farm underneath the palace was any indication of something that was the fact that they needed Pleyades blood. They needed the baby to be alive, but there was something else that posed a question for me. 

That maid said that she would suffer the same fate as Ayuseya's mother and even Vellezya's. Does this mean that the curse on the princesses doesn't matter or maybe it has some sort of other purpose? I wondered as I stepped in front of the door. 

Whatever the case, I was about to find out since I had a very useful guinee pig right here in the form of a cursed Princess and a baby boy. I would, of course, guarantee that they wouldn't be harmed in any way or manner, but I would definitely take my sweet time analyzing that spell. I had to find out what was the purpose behind it. If it was something dangerous, I also had to see how I could put a stop to it. 

Thus, I knocked at the door while the maid and Princess were struggling inside over the cries of the baby. 

Hello! Pizza delivery! I shouted. 

What? came the reply from both of them right before I opened the door by force. 

Maybe I used a bit too much force since I ripped the door right out of its hinges. 

Well, oopsie. I showed them a wry smile and then dropped it to the side. Never can get used to one's superhuman strength, you know what I mean? I laughed as I rubbed the back of my head. 

Vellezya's room was very similar to Ayuseya's, although this one contained a lot more frills and felt a lot stuffier like it wasn't being aired out properly. The maids probably had something to do with that or maybe it was the fact that outside a storm was coming. 

Not far from the entrance was the bed of the royal princess. She was quite beautiful as well, although her breasts... maybe they earned a hard pass? This meant that I had to watch out for creepy stalkers in the future. The draconian maid, however, was a B cup at most. 

Well with all that being said, they were apparently struggling for possession over the innocent baby, and it seemed as though thanks to my appearance, the villainous maid had won. The little boy was in her arms, crying his little heart out, while his mother was reaching out for him with tears in her eyes. 

W-Who are you?! What happened to the guards? the maid demanded to know immediately. 

Hm? They are out cold. Don't worry, if I wanted to kill them, you wouldn't have been alive right now. I replied with a smile, although I didn't know if I could pull off Shanteya's smile when she learned that I was trying to teach little Bachus the Colly Tos spell. 

I get the chills just thinking about that. I thought and then looked over at the little boy in the maid's arms. Hm? Mind handing my nephew over to me? I asked. 

Nephew? Who do you think you are? she asked as she pulled back and stepped away from the bed. 

The way she was holding the baby couldn't be considered either safe or careful. 

Me? I'm that weak and useless Godlike Dungeon Lord and husband of Ayuseya whom everyone in this Palace seems to think that is easy to defeat. Although, seriously speaking, none of you could even hold a candle to me even if you gathered the whole nation together. I laughed and then moved fast, quite literally vanishing and appearing right in front of her, from her point of view, at least. Now, please hand over my nephew safely, and I won't think about ripping your head and spine right out of your body as I spam healing spells on you so that you can feel every single second of this tormenting process? I asked in very kind and gentleman-like manner while as I looked right into her eyes with the delighted glare of a serial killer. 

Hiii! P-Please s-spare m-me! she trembled and cried as she gave me my nephew. 

Alright! I showed her a smile and then right after I made sure that the boy was safe and sound in my arms, I headbutted the maid into the wall behind her. 

The little baby boy already stopped crying as he looked up at me with big curious eyes. Well, I was his awesome uncle, so of course he would be mesmerized by my greatness, however, it was also likely that I had a very gentle air around me when handling him. 

Babies could sense when you were in a good mood or not as well as if you harbored any ill intentions towards them. The maid wasn't exactly a gentle and generous soul, so it was clear that she would cause Brachen to burst into a crying fit. 

On the other hand, I learned about this unique ability of a baby the hard way with my own children. At the very least, I knew how to properly handle them while making them feel safe and secure. When you did that, they turned into adorable poop angels. 

Are you... Vellezya asked with big eyes. 

Illsyore Deus, Ayuseya's husband. Maybe she mentioned me at one point? I replied with a big smile. 

Vellezya nodded once. 

Good, well, I'm going to pass Brachen back to you while I will prepare to remove those nasty curses from you two! I declared with a smile. 

Are you sure that you... can? she asked while looking down with a worried gaze at her baby boy. 

Of course! That thing should be easy, now if it was a Divine Curse, well, that would have been a problem, but even then, my wife Zoreya is an Apostle of Melkuth, so she would have nagged him for the solution for a bit. I would have had to help him in some way or build him a shrine or something, but it wouldn't have been that much of a problem. I said and then stopped for a moment Since when do I know that Divine Curses exists and can be solved like that? Hm... Meh, must be something Zoreya mentioned to me at one point. I shrugged and continued. 

Where are you going? she asked as she looked at me. 

There are four unconscious guards taking a nap outside the room. I’m going to go and tie them up real quick and then lock them up inside a broom closet or something. Oh, right! The maid too! I struck my palm with the bottom of my fist and then turned around to go grab that draconian as well It would have been bad if she woke up while I was focused on removing the curse. I said as I grabbed her by the neck and dragged her out. 

After a few minutes, I managed to tie up all the guards and maid in what I thought was an empty room. I gagged them as well and made sure that both the rope and the gag were enchanted to survive the power of a Godlike like them. Well, if they tried hard enough, then they could get free and if anything, the enchants would vanish in a couple of hours, so it wasn't like they were stuck there forever. On the other hand, if they gave me any reason to kill them, I wouldn’t have hesitated. 

When you rush out to kill someone, you should be prepared to be killed yourself. 

When I got back to the room, I found Vellezya nursing the baby. 

I will be done in just a moment. she said with a smile, and in that very moment, I had a vision of Ayuseya nursing our baby just like that. 

That image, although a product of my own imagination and maybe hidden desires, brought a warm feeling to my chest. 

Yeah, no problem. I replied with a soft smile on my face and then turned around to repair the door. I guess once we return to Illsyorea, Ayuseya will probably ask me for a baby as well? If she had the same feeling as I did right now when she saw Vellezya, who knows? Well, it's not like I have a problem with having our family increase by two more heads. I was sort of prepared for this ever since Shanteya wanted me to impregnate her... Two more bundles of joy in my life, huh? Well, it doesn't sound so bad. I thought as a small smile formed on my lips. 

Once she was done, I cast a barrier around us and then immediately began to undo the curse. As per her request, I started with Vellezya so that I would show her that there was no danger for the baby. 

The moment when I began to weave the magic threads within that curse, I could see just how complicated and thorough it was. The problem with it wasn't that it couldn't be removed by ordinary dispelling items but rather the moment they tried to do so, the Magic Energy of the dispel was eaten up by the curse. The more I looked at it, the more I was remembered of how my own Dungeon Territory worked. It gobbled up Magic Energy and expanded, gifting me with certain abilities and attributes such as sensing enemies or freely moving around it in my astral projection form. 

However, beyond this, I could see that the spell was sending the Magic Energy somewhere. It wasn't just eating it up, it acted as a receiver and transmitter. The reason why all draconians so far met their end at a young age was because they couldn't grow and evolve more than this spell allowed them to. 

Within it, I also saw a period of time that was designated to act as a timer for when the victim was ripe for harvesting. It was literally a harvesting subspell that turned the body's very life force into Magic Energy for the one it was transmitting it to. 

This... is definitely Black Magic, but... if it is meant to fuel someone or something with Magic Energy, who and where is the recepient? I wondered and as I dug deeper into the code, I also found the answer to my question. 

This... this is ridiculous. I said as I looked at what was written before me in the ancient language of the Dungeons. 

What is it? Vellezya asked. 

This curse... when the victim, which is you, is sacrificed to a Dark God, then... your whole body is turned into Magic Energy which is then used to reinforce a certain draconian, the first one cursed, which is... 

The Dragon Emperor? But he's... he's dead, right? she asked. 

I shook my head. Not according to this curse. If he was, then you wouldn't have grown as weak as you are right now. Without a receiver, Magic Energy would just float around you, but like this... it's clear that your Magic Energy is going somewhere, you are a living battery. I said. 

The Dragon Emperor.... is alive? she asked surprised. 

[Drawing]And he's been draining the very life force and Magic Energy of his own family for generations... I said and with this, I shattered the curse that shackled her to bits. But you are free now, and so will be Brachen. I looked at the baby boy, who was now suckling his tail and looking at us with innocent and curious eyes. 

T-Thank you... Vellezya said as tears rolled down her cheeks, tears of happiness and joy to finally be free to live and do what no one in this family, with the exception of my wife, was able to do since the ages of the Teslov Empire, which was to see their own children grow up. 

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Ascending Flame

So, from what I can gather, Emperor Dick von Dragon went and became a worshiper to a Dark God, vested himself in Black Magic, and when the guys came to put a stop to him, he cursed his own family/bloodline, so that he can receive Magic Power indefinitely. There is a chance that he is living on now as a Bone Dragon/Lich thing. . . or, that he is just trying not to rot. . . or, “Soon, I will be able to rise again, and I will finally conquer all the continents!” stuff.


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