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Thank you for choosing to become a Patron on Patreon!

What is a Patron?

Patron is the word for Monthly/Periodically Donator used by

For more info on what a Patron or Pledge is, you can read or watch the nifty video they set up here:

In my words, it means that once you choose to become a Patron, you will be donating a Monthly sum of your choosing. You can always change your desired sum or cancel at any time. The money will be collected only at the beginning/end of each month, sometime between the last day of the previous month and the first few days of the next one.

Also, your reward will be handed down/implemented only AFTER your first pay was confirmed!

An automatic message will be posted on the blog on my Patreon page regarding the beginning of this collection.

What are the rewards?

Depending on the situation, all rewards may change over time, but for now, they can all be reviewed on my Patreon page.

Do note, that you must personally Request through a Private Message the rewards you are eligible for, since I won't know if you want it or not. If you don't, I will consider you to be a kind benefactor who requires no reward other than to see me happy and keep on posting content on this website! ūüėÄ

What will I do with the money?

I allowed myself several goals in regard to this. So once I reach:

150$: I will use this money to relax, release some stress, and spend some time at a comfy coffee shop where I can indulge in hours upon hours of writing stories.

300$: I will try to find artists to commission covers/art for my work or invest in courses for myself to improve my art skill (depending on how the next months will go and if I improve or not)

600$: Eat better food? I don't know yet...

All this money is counted as donations.

Thank you for becoming a Patron! ūüôā

Credits Page:

The are my all-time Patrons:

Jayson Rabaut
Loni Martin
Kai Roar Stjern
Muhammad Muslih MD Rajib
Brandon Pittman
Tyler Jason Alvarado
Gege Sadewa
Paul Simenstadutness
Paul McKenzie
Alex J. Walker
Erik Neis
Adalberto Barajas
Michael Dennis Eagles
Mario Aschenbrenner

Anonymous Patrons (in other words, Patrons who chose not to show publicly whom they are supporting): 3 in total.

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