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I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!

Another life, another chance they say, but how often are we prepared to fight for this chance? How much are willing to sacrifice for it, and can we expect to make the best of it?

Illsyore, while holding most of his past life's memories as a human, was reincarnated as a Dungeon Core charged with maintaining the Fellyore Magic Academy.

Without a dream to reach for, without his past love to stand by him, without knowing the ups and downs of the world he found himself in, Illsyore will try to answer those questions and make the best of his new life as he can. The journey ahead won't be without its perils and this young Dungeon will be forced to take a good look at the bumpy path ahead of him and also at those around him...

I'm a WHAAAT?!

Never knew what hit him!

(Vol 1) I'm a WHAAAT?!

(Vol 2) Never knew what hit him!