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The Kyoran Dream

Escape from the Ayusion Megastructure is impossible for any of the countless species living on it. With so many biological, technological, and social differences between all of them, conflict is inevitable. However, things turn for the worse when an ancient demoness is freed from her prison on the Alderson Disk 1. Now, the only ones who can stop her are the very ones who freed her. Thus, the two unlikely heroes, Kyros and Tullos, must now learn to control their abilities gifted to them through the awakening of their past lives memories and put a stop to her madness. Still, can the two of them do it when one is the soul mate of the demoness and the other but a shadow of his former draconian self?


The Kyoran Dream vol2 c1

(Vol 1) The Dragon and the Angel: Reincarnated

(Vol 2) The Dragon and the Angel: Hope and Freedom