(Poem): Lamenting Whine

October 19, 2017By DragomirCMPoem 9 Comments

I stand still on the edge of the highway express, Thinking about all the moments I tried to suppress. Sparks in the web of time lit up by emotions, Thoughts gathered in vast grandiose proportions. ____ Yet, none feels as cold and merciless as the one I’m about to tell. A simple fragment cut off … Read More

(Poem) Light

July 4, 2016By DragomirCMPoem No Comments

It’s easy to cry and shiver in fear.It’s easy to dream of nothing you hold dear.It’s easy to worship when there’s nothing to hear.Oh man, thy darkened heart is calling!Oh man, thy thoughts of fear all cling!Oh man, worshiped by the scary,Yet hidden behind the masks of many…To you I call from outside your cage.To … Read More

(Poem) The swindled fear

July 4, 2016By DragomirCMPoem No Comments

Night swindles all the cries of fear,Preparing them with cuts and sneers,Yet all the tears that flow aboutAre gentle cries that children shout._Yet here he is, he smiles, he weeps,The gentle roses of thorn her grips.But don’t forget, sweet child of fear:The tears you hold are never clear!_Don’t cry, don’t cry, for a devil’s sin!Your … Read More

(Poem) The rose’s thorn

July 4, 2016By DragomirCMPoem 1 Comment

Thorns of fear and thorns of mightTurn the bloodied petals in delightThe scarlet red slips through the sneersGrabs hold of your heart and love reveals!There is no place for you to run,There is no value to point your gun,A single thorn is worth all the cries,Revealing the truth behind all the lies……A bloodied petal and … Read More