(Blessing) Chapter 66: To the slave market

October 11, 2017By DragomirCMBlessing, Web Novel 9 Comments

[Leonidas’ point of view] Three days after aunty Eliza left, the teacher from Gallyater Magic Academy, Robert Dejun, returned to Briston together with five Royal Knights. After the last unfortunate event with Alexandre Damascus, the academy didn’t want to take anymore chances, so they added the extra security for my little sister. It was thoughtful … Read More

(Blessing) Chapter 65: Farewell

October 3, 2017By DragomirCMBlessing, Web Novel 11 Comments

[Leonidas’ point of view] After that sweet family moment, I asked them not to tell anyone what I just told them. They agreed immediately, and Cassandra asked me to tell her more about my Blessing and mutations. She was really curious about how useful they could be in both training and battle, especially our psychic … Read More

(Blessing) Chapter 64: Mother’s reaction

October 3, 2017By DragomirCMBlessing, Web Novel 4 Comments

[Leonidas’ point of view] There were quite a few mysteries surrounding my Blessing. Many of which even I didn’t manage to uncover, but I decided to give my family the general explanation regarding how it worked. I started off with the name [Binecuvântarea a 118 Zei] which I translated into their language: The Blessing of … Read More