(ES) Chapter 10: Awareness

July 12, 2017By DragomirCMEternal Souls, Web Novel 1 Comment

Alutras sneaked out through the widow of his room and skillfully jumped up on the rooftop of his house. With his parents asleep, he had no need to worry about them waking up too soon unless some drunkard mistook their front door for their own again.I have about one week to find a good Soul … Read More

(ES) Chapter 8: Unexpected news

October 8, 2016By DragomirCMEternal Souls, Web Novel 13 Comments

The name the young boy revealed was outside of his father’s initial presumptions, but at the same time, it made a lot more sense now. Only after Alutras went to the Festival of the Divine did the young boy’s behavior showed signs of change. At first, his parents believed he was awestruck by all those … Read More

(ES) Chapter 7: Father’s advice

August 30, 2016By DragomirCMEternal Souls, Web Novel 5 Comments

What was supposed to be a fun and interesting meeting turned out to be a roller coaster of emotions that strangled their hearts with barbed wire. Ryuciel’s cold words raised a wall between them, one the boy didn’t fully understand or know how to take down.Alutras’ thoughts were in disarray, none connecting to the truth … Read More

(ES) Chapter 6: Dragon tears

August 27, 2016By DragomirCMEternal Souls, Web Novel 8 Comments

When Alutras heard that name, the one he was called by in his past life, the crickets in his skull stopped hopping and stumbled on their own feet. The expression of surprise and astonishment on his face told the charming Ryuciel that he wasn’t expecting to hear it.Still, although the man had become a Legend … Read More