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Thank you for dropping by!

If you are currently reading this page, this means you are thinking about donating some of your money to me as a reward for the work I have posted on this website. That's why, please allow me to explain the methods of supporting me through donations and why you should do so.

There two ways you can donate to the noble cause of supporting the author financially.

First: Patreon 1 - time.

Second: Patreon monthly

The one time version with Patreon basically means you will be a patron for a limited ammount of time. You are free to pull back your patronship and stop supporting me at any time you desire, but do remember that at the beginning of EACH month, the money will be pulled out of your credit card.

If you fancy offering me a monthly donation through which you contribute a little bit at making sure the author keeps his job as a writer and isn't forced to spend 8 hours a day working somewhere instead of writing the all so delicious chapters of his web novels, then go ahead and choose Patreon.

So, do you, the patron, receive anything for the couple of bucks you kindly offer me?

Becoming a patron by definition doesn't mean that you are buying either a service or a product. You are legally saying: here have a few bucks.

However, in the same manner I can also say: thank you, here's a reward.



For Patreon, there's a rewards section on their website, where I added a few options. Of course, you will need to claim them once the first month had been paid off. Those rewards include free books, naming an ability or tertiary character, or even creating a secondary character together with me. You will need to confirm and request each of those rewards through a Personal Message on Patreon. (this way I can tell who sends me the message and make sure it isn't someone trying to steal your reward)

Not doing so would mean that you either don't want ANY of the rewards or simply don't care about them and just want to see your favorite author happy and creating content for you!

Usage of the money

On Patreon I clearly said through the objectives what I will do with the money.

With the first 150$, I'm going to enjoy a calm moment at a cafe or tea shop. Thus, reducing my stress levels if there are any.

With the following 150$ or at the 300$, I will start looking for artists to commission for my work. This means either brand new covers, character designs, all sort of stuff to help you while reading. Now, once I reach this point, I will make a call for any of you that know good, trustworthy artists.

After this, I don't know... Let's just the first 150$ first! :))

Do I really need the money?

Yes. Even 1$ counts for me. Whenever I receive a donation or see a new Patron on Patreon, I am quite literally dancing and jumping around for joy! 😀

So, yes, if you can, please donate anytime, how many times, and as much as you wish. It really counts!

Below, you will see the links to the PayPal and Patreon instruction pages:

Thank you for Becoming a Patron! I hope you have a nice day!