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After making an absurd and rather crazy wish towards a beautiful goddess, Anwen must face the challenges of the Feldorah Oyendan Einryu Continent, where many warriors are called forth to battle on the endless battlefields until their very last breath. There, Anwen will meet both foes and friends alike in his attempt to conquer it all, but more importantly, he will become a Legend!

“Although I worry that Night might break me to pieces and all shall be lost before I even begin to fight, I place one foot in front of the other and struggle against my Destiny. The Goddess of War is by my side, and my weapons stand ready for the battle ahead. I fear not defeat, for my name is that of a Legend. Who am I? I am warrior! I am a leader! I am the revolution that changed the world! I am Anwen [][][][][]][][][][]!” The Epitaph of a Legend

This is how Anwen began his journey…

Fantasy, Romance, Sword and Magic, Another World, Adventure, Action, Military

Warning: Contains mild descriptions of violence and gore!

Recommended age: 13+

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The Artist, going by the pen name Oshino Shinobu, and the Writer, DragomirCM, give credit to the following people for the various tools they allowed us to make our manga with:

Thank you!

Title: Welcome to FOE!

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