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The Rise of the Werewolf!

Every country has a Dragon, and they all have their Knights. It so happens that this one was a legendary werewolf...

The Soul Mate of a Demon Queen

Could you imagine a demon born in the pits of Hell willing to risk everything for one single moment of pure love?

The Memories of an Ask'odar

Would you be willing to stay and listen to the enchanting tales of an archangel's past lives?

The Dragon and the Angel: Reincarnated

Fate is a whimsical being, especially when it pulls together two unlikely heroes... one who is a slave and the other his master's son.

The Dragon and the Angel: Hope and Freedom

Tullos is planning to free Kyros, but how far is he willing to go to accomplish his goal? Meanwhile, what is Sky planning to do with the Kornukopians?

I'm a WHAAAT?!

Upon being Reincarnated as a Dungeon Lord in charge of a Magic Academy, Illsyore found his new life strange... if not a bit weird.

Never knew what hit him!

A dangerous Supreme approaches the Fellyore Magic Academy, and Illsyore might just the only who can face him, but at what cost?

Dragons can be cute too!

Tossed in a world of sword and magic, Alkelios must do everything he can to survive! But with an insane ammount of Luck and a strange skill, who knows in what trouble he'll get into?